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October's Creative Drought

It’s been deathly quiet around here lately, and I figured it’s time I put up a post explaining why.

In short, I’ve been in a creative drought. 541 more words


"Nowhere to Hide" E-book on Sale!

We’re getting ever closer to the witching hour, my dear friends, and I thought that perhaps some of you might be looking for something creepy to read as we approach the spookiest of holidays. 36 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

GABBLER RECOMMENDS: The Case Against Black Mirror By Kathryn VanArendonk

“The thing is, for all its conceptual complexity — for all of the surprise twists and third-act reversals, for all of the high-concept premises and alarming escalations, Black Mirror’s messages are usually pretty simple. 138 more words



By Linette Morgan

Walking into the local coffee shop, I find the “right place” to sit and leave my laptop and purse, sans wallet, of course, to go in search of the amazing iced tropical green tea I order every-single-time I come here to write.  377 more words

On Writing

SNL's Black Jeopardy and the 2016 Election

This SNL sketch, written by Michael Che and Bryan Tucker, is very funny and very clever.

White working class Trump supporter Tom Hanks joins Sasheer Zamata and Leslie Jones on “Black Jeopardy.” Despite his Trump hat, Tom Hanks’s character seems strangely good at playing the game. 804 more words

On Writing

Latin Literature as Meta Literature:

“Latin literature was already self-conscious when Ennius described Homer appearing to him in a dream and declaring that his soul was now in Ennius’ body… And indeed Latin authors produced from their self-awareness some of their most fascinating effects. 87 more words


Celebrating My Book Launch—Carrie Bradshaw Style

After two years of writing and planning, launch week for my book, My (Part-Time) Paris Life, was upon me. And that meant it was party time! 1,151 more words