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George R.R. Martin on Outlining Before You Write (or Not)

It is Friday, and so it is time for a quote from a famous writer.

There are people on both sides of the outlining approach to writing. 460 more words

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The Last (Real) Summer

I’m feeling pressured (by myself mostly) to make this the greatest summer ever. It’s the last summer before I graduate, and while I’m looking forward to moving and starting work, it’s a little hard to let go of something I’ve spent my entire life enjoying: three full months to do nothing but write, travel, and have fun. 33 more words

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For writers, word selection is a lot like natural selection

Several weeks ago in my Nickel’s Worth on Writing, I talked about three of the most important tools a writer wields when it comes to establishing their voice. 1,059 more words


Green and Yellow Morality

Those of you familiar with the TV Tropes morality pages probably know what Black and White, Gray on Grey and Blue and Orange Morality tropes are. 1,159 more words

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Writer's Self Doubt

Am I good enough? It is the question that haunts our minds at one point or another, and if you have written for some time, you know what I mean. 237 more words


11 Quirky Truths About Being A Writer

After a decade or so of doing this writing thing, I’ve decided that writers are a unique lot. We’re kind of weird, wouldn’t you agree? 247 more words


Nothing Sets My Teeth On Edge Like Pretentious Writing Essays

There are two books that I go to pretty regularly when I’m struggling with writing. I head straight to On Writing by Stephen King when I’m thinking my Life As A Writer is useless and when I think I Should Never Dream of Writing Again. 924 more words