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Why Do You Write? Part 1

By Miranda Boyer

There will be days when no one, not even you, will believe you are capable of being a professional writer, let alone making anything of yourself. 455 more words


What Could be Better than Writing Science Fiction? It's like You're Dr Frankenstein on Steroids. a Little Piece here, a Little Piece There, and What do you Have. . . ? That's the Great Part. . . Only you Know!


“SPEED ‘EM UP, VICTOR,” Clive barked. “We’re barely keeping ahead of this thing.”

“Ha’yah!” Victor cried, accompanied by the crack of his whip. The wagon bolted forward, leaving the ominous hole behind for now. 1,567 more words

On Writing

Gold Dust Mentoring

I officially started my “writing journey” in 2013 when I attended the Writers Workshop’s Getting Published Day. After my first one-to-one session I was informed that my writing looked like I’d never taken a creative writing class in my life. 508 more words


4 x This Week: Help I Hate My Characters, More Ambient Music, Shepherd's Pie, and a Tongue Twister

Monday. 2:54 a.m. Nearly forgot to write this post. So a-here-we-go~


I’m hitting a bit of a writing wall right now, mostly because of some character things. 487 more words



Sometimes it takes the belief of a single person to plummet you from the pits of whatever darkness you were in to soaring heights, moon high. 13 more words


30 Days of #iHunt Day 5: Writing Advice on Microaggressions

I’m doing 30 days of promotion for #iHunt. Have you bought #iHunt yet? You should. Have you joined our new Storium game that’ll be starting soon? 1,560 more words

On Writing

An ode to book signings

I rode up the escalator hoping to find myself a decent graphic novel.  Reading graphic novels was a small habit I had formed as I was just starting to write consistently. 864 more words