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Stephen King's Philosophy on Writing & life...

I like Stephen King.  He’s the kind of inspirational force one needs to reference every once in a while to get the creative fire lit and the wheels of writing moving.   250 more words


Writing Life || If you hear voices inside your head

(If anyone knows where this came from, please let me know so I can credit them properly.)

One Path to Success

I am supported and lifted

as I do the tasks

that create my success.

The Surprising Story Behind My Book's Cover Image

Many people have asked me if I designed the cover of my upcoming book because, well, I’m a creative director and that makes sense.

I didn’t. 1,363 more words


September Writing Round-up

It’s been quite a month! I’m not even sure where it went, but I can say that I got some good work done.

  • Fifth rejection! If rejected short stories tell you anything good about a writer, they are, at the very least, proof that the writer is submitting.
  • 472 more words

The Will to Write

Dearest reader,

It escapes me far too often, whisked away on the tides of chronic fatigue and not feeling good enough. Though inspiration is always teasing at the edges, I find there are periods where I cannot pin a single word to the laughing pale canvas. 334 more words

Creative Writing

But he also was a baritone who sang while hanging clothes

There is a question that I have probably spent far more time pondering than I should.

Am I Pulp Revival writer? 

On the one hand, I can point to “A Hill Of Stars”, which is very much a Pulp Revival story.   403 more words

On Writing