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Without people you're nothing


It looks like Patreon turned itself around and said ‘we done fucked up’, and decided not to follow through with the fee changes.  Which is a good thing. 747 more words


What I'm doing and how I'm doing it

I’m working on a book of stories about two female bushrangers, set in the time of the Gold Rush. The Adventures of the Bushranger Captain Lightning And That Other Girl… 1,254 more words

Historical Fiction

Angry Boobs & Illuminati Van Conspiracies // On Writing by Stephen King

Like many aspiring authours, I spend a lot of time on *extremely productive* writing related activities such as listening to writing podcasts or reading writing guides instead of, you know…actually writing. 1,292 more words

Rage Reviews

Merry Christmas, Darling!

Welcome to Flash Fest December!

I have a few author friends who have joined me in this challenge and are contributing to the prize baskets! 1,418 more words

Ellie Mack

The Worlds Strongest Adjective!

Nothing Wednesday

The worlds weakest Adjective


The word “good” is used sparingly in fiction, yet inversely it is used in everyday English compulsively. I was such a guilty over-user of that word, that my partner changed the iPhone settings so that “good” would autocorrect to “Everything is awesome!!!” (yes from the Lego movie). 440 more words

Which words?

Here’s a quick quiz for you to complete:

  • How many words should you use when writing a letter, an email, or text message?
  • Which words should you use?
  • 125 more words

Ready for a Holiday #writerslife #writing #amwriting

Sick club…

I’ve not been well for a few months now with a cold and then a cough that just won’t go away. But this is my last week of work and then I am taking a three week holiday. 330 more words

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