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August 17, 1954

He called to me as I passed by in the hallway, the door to his room partially hidden by rubble and shadow.

I was able to enter the room easy enough, and I did so with my pistols drawn, the hammers cocked. 212 more words


Writing Practice

Every day that you write in your journal, comment on someone’s work, or post on Facebook, you are practicing the art of writing. But what are you practicing? 283 more words

On Writing


I am a ghost town

Built around a dried-up well

Oh how the winds cry


Disney's Mulan was Respectful to Chinese Culture

The Mouse is drunk on live action remakes. I don’t know why people keep going to watch them myself but it is what it is. If glitzy wannabe Broadway is your preference to the excellent hand drawn animation of the Disney golden age then by all means check it out, I’ll be happy to stay home. 944 more words

On Writing

August 16, 1954

I found the nurses’ quarters today. Like most large hospitals and asylums, the staff lived on the grounds. Somewhere, I know, the doctors’ homes will be found, but today, today belonged to the nurses. 212 more words


WHY THEY WORK… A Review of Selected Recent Picture Books

June 2019

This review was originally prepared for a June 2019 Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCBWI Denver South Connect & Critique group meeting. I hope you find it helpful. 1,010 more words

On Writing

Of Gods and Goddesses

In school I was fascinated by Greek and Roman mythology. I tried finding, and reading, as many as I could. From Zeus and his escapades with women, to Persephone trapped in Hades. 114 more words

On Writing