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Word Count: 9-26 through 10-2

I started posting my totals so that I would hold myself accountable for how many words I have written in a single week, along with working towards a goal of a certain word count per week. 81 more words

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You've Probably Had Workshop With These Characters

Since I started college, workshops have been my life, and they don’t make me any less uncomfortable than when I first started. There’s just something about everyone staring at your work as you read it aloud, trying not to stumble over the words you have carefully crafted. 592 more words

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October Contests via SubItClub

Hitting the rainy Fall blues?  Finding your fingers freezing at your keyboard as you wait for the heater to kick on, descrying that “It’s way too early for this!” as you bang them against the table for warmth?  42 more words

On Writing

Doing It The Hemingway

“Write Drunk, Edit Sober”- Ernest Hemingway

Most writers have read these words at some point while surfing the internet. Many have even bought a picture with this quote written in fancy typography and have given it a place of honor above their desk. 357 more words


Research . . .

I love doing research for my books.

Reading books about the time period in which I’ll be writing is a must if I want my stories to be accurate and give my readers the feeling of actually ‘being there’. 174 more words

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Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 20)

A fun one today. I have sometimes erred with one or more of these. Have you?

Do you have any favorite grammar battle? Do share. As always, if you have a favorite infographic or tips to share, please feel free to comment. 6 more words

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I Will Write: 1 - let's do this

I’ve been tired for awhile now, feeling disappointed and pitying myself for ending up as another miserable office worker with all hopes and dreams spluttering out around me. 469 more words