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From Blood’s History: Wolves

Upon occasion, Cross has an issue with wolves. These are not wandering packs which have somehow followed the Berkshires down into northern Massachusetts. 244 more words


MInx - by Maggie Adams


Author: Maggie Adams

Release Date: April 30th, 2019

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romantic Comedy

Cover Designer: Backcover KLPS

A romantic comedy about friendships, flirtations, and the elusive “Fantasm!” 597 more words

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No Silver, No Swiss

“No silver, no Swiss,” commented Gian Trivulzio, a Milanese Condottiero during the Italian Wars. He was talking about the Swiss Mercenaries that served in the armies of the Italian City States. 410 more words

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With My Finger Poised Over the Delete Key...

If it weren’t for people in my life urging me not to, I’d probably scrap all 50,000+ words of my novel-in-progress.

There are parts of this book that are magical, that inspire me to keep going, that make my friends smile and want to read more. 228 more words

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Blog: How to Be a Writer with a Chronic Illness

I have pondered this very question often and for long periods of time these last couple of years. How do you fulfill a dream when your body can’t do the thing you want or need it to do for that dream to come true? 893 more words


An Uphill Struggle

Session Two of the #Writing My City workshop at Suiderstrand Library.

I was excited and quite optimistic about how it would go, particularly since after the initial struggle of the… 676 more words

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Along the Cross River

From Blood’s History: Along the Cross River

She appeared in the summer of 1911, a fetching young woman often seen reclining on the sandy portions of the Cross River. 212 more words