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On (Writing) Families: Autoethnographies of Presence and Absence, Love and Loss

Who are we with-and without-families? How do we relate as children to our parents, as parents to our children? How are parent-child relationships-and familial relationships in general-made and (not) maintained? 45 more words


Here's What The Sinners Are Buying On Amazon This Week

It’s finally the weekend and we couldn’t be more relieved. This week seemed longer than normal and we really just need to unwind and relax. Of course, there’s really no better way to do that than by perusing the deviant sections of… 781 more words


The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins - Review

There are a couple of interesting lessons I learned from reading this book. First, don’t drink or do drugs. Second, don’t ever piss off the one you love. 982 more words


Stranded on an Island: a poem

Staff Writer

I have what I need, but not what I yearn,

But for stranded on an island, I could be worse, 243 more words

Sword And Shield

15 People On The Moment They Realized Their Significant Other Was Batsh*t Crazy

Obviously, not all relationships are meant to be. Most of us have dated our share of not-so stellar human beings in the past, some more than others. 1,141 more words


This Comedian Shared A Glorious Story Of Petty Revenge After A Woman Let Her Dog Poop In The Airport

There is no revenge quite as sweet as petty revenge. At least, that’s what comedian Steve Hofstetter recently discovered after committing his own act of retribution on a self-centered woman at the airport who refused to pick up her dog’s “business.” 1,089 more words



(I’ve been watching Yuri!!! On Ice and the two arrangements of the song “In Regards to Love” really inspired me. So here’s my piece inspired by “In Regards to Love: Eros”) 62 more words