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missed on the feeling

rather of the  being scene

and what it  was the notice

and how it was the keeping

and where is the leaping

and how it  directed of the… 44 more words


stood on notice


and where it  was the  stare

and how it feels of the  meaning

and how it was the touching of the


and how it all called on the reverse… 40 more words


caught of the flight


and its own and how it looked

and where is the versatile

and its own technique

and doing of the cashing

and its own theme… 45 more words


carry on call

you  were once there

and now you are ignored

and where is the standing

and how it seems

and where it went so hard

and how it felt… 43 more words


feet on the move

roof and its own challenge

and where it was the making

and how it stands

as it shocks the mind

and where is the corner… 46 more words