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want on over

those of the streams

and when it as the cover

and long on ago

and felt

and those of the keeping

and where it was the style… 46 more words


Rachel Maddow: Trump's hidden tax returns take on new significance - MSNBC

Could it be that President Putin hurt Donald Trump by releasing the DNC emails? That’s what’s going around the news media. Rachel brings up a very good point that the news media is going to put a lot more pressure on Trump to prove that he doesn’t have ties with Russia. 261 more words

add on this

placed on the words

and mirrors on the treasure

and for the moon

and climb

and  thus of the strangers

and place on the bloom… 47 more words


On My Heart: Follow Your Passion

On my heart today is a call to follow your passions. The last week or so has been different for me. I feel like a tsunami continues to grow in me and it makes me want to appreciate life all that much more. 280 more words


Memento Mori

“‘Memento Mori’ means remember you’re mortal, remember that you’ll die and remember that your life is short and precious and so are the lives of those around you (Lacey Sturm, The Reason).” 1,113 more words


Bongbong tweets Duterte’s “Move on” line, gets reminded of family’s Martial Law atrocities

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Image capture from Sen. Bongbong Marcos’ Twitter


Senator tweeted president’s line saying he’d rather move forward than point fingers… 15 more words

2013 Volkswagen Tiguan

2013 Volkswagen Tiguan

Cost: $21,483

Mileage: 71,555 km

Color – Exterior: Dark Blue

Color – Interior: Dark Grey

Engine: 2.0 4-Cylinder

Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed

MGP (City/Highway): … 19 more words