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Keep on Sowing

We are called to be witnesses for Jesus Christ and we must never become weary. Never think that our testimony has no effect. The devil will tell you that people are not listening, that they do not take you seriously, but we just have to sow the seed, Jesus makes it grow. 127 more words

Kawartha Local retailer invents 50-km product lifestyle

Kawartha Local retailer invents 50-km product lifestyle

Our ALLORGANIC® products were featured in this news report on The Morning Show on Chex. Check it out! 80 more words

Happy Birthday!

Look, I know I’m a bit late, but whatever.  Time to celebrate some Birthdays, guys!

Hange Zoe and Armin Arlert

Happy birthday guys!  These two characters are both from Attack on Titan, so these get the same post.   46 more words


make money on the side

GENERATE INCOME is a studio room recording released in 1996 by the Washington, D.C-based go-go music group E.U. This record grades the band’s previous studio released recording. 11 more words


worn on you

something this earth just sticks to you

and wherever

and whomever

as its own story

and feeling

as its own edge

and caught

and keeping as its own groove… 44 more words


On.... That gay friend of mine 😌

I remember when he came over that day, at my university under the big tree. He was very handsome, and had been my friend for a while, a little effeminate, and absolutely wonderful. 342 more words


On Regrets

This was our first assignment, based on instructions from Bill  Roorbach’s Writing Life Stories: How To Make Memories Into Memoirs, Ideas Into Essays And Life Into Literature.  1,379 more words

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