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Neo-Fascist Review of NEVER LET ME GO(by Kazuo Ishiguro and Mark Romanek)


Mark Romanek’s adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel NEVER LET ME GO is so awful I thought I’d need organ transplants from a thousand clones to keep me alive through its 100 minutes of aching arty posturing. 23,888 more words

Neo-Fascist Review of DUCK YOU SUCKER(and other works by Sergio Leone).


My first impression of DUCK, YOU SUCKER(aka Fistful of Dynamite)was something like “pretty fun movie.” A big admirer of Leone, I’d wanted to see it for a long time. 8,534 more words

Top 10: Robert De Niro Performances

 For those who knew of Robert De Niro only from the late 90s on, you know him as the funny old guy from Analyze This, 992 more words

Top 10

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Connelly

By the age of 16, Jennifer Connelly appeared in her first four films, check out three of them: Sergio Leone’s, Once Upon A Time In America, Dario Argento’s, Phenomena, and Jim Henson’s, Labyrinth. 28 more words


The future of me, as seen through movies.

Ask almost any teenager about their future, and you’ll get an uneasy laugh or a heavy sigh. Either response reflects one thing: fear. I’m afraid of the future because I have no idea what I will be doing or where I will be going in the next five years. 361 more words


Once Upon a Time in America

Year: 1984
Directed By: Sergio Leone
Written By: Harry Grey (novel) six different men are credited with the screenplay including Sergio Leone.


One of my favorite things to do in the past was browse the movie sections of stores or stroll through a video store to look at all that was available. 1,320 more words


Movies | 19 | One Upon A Time In America

His last film. His finest film.

Among the greatest directors of all times, Sergio Leon has made his mark with his unique brand of cinema and storytelling. 425 more words