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Once Upon A Time

Just started playing the ukulele a few weeks ago. I sat down tonight and wrote a simple song. Here are the lyrics

Baby, once upon a time
You weren't doing too fine
I was the one you let into your life

Baby, once upon a time,
I was losing my mind
And you stopped me just in time

But Baby, we also had good times
You and me talkin' 'til daylight
over warm tea and cigarettes 

Baby for such a long time,
you were the apple of my eye
You really think that that's just gone away? 119 more words

LOL! Our Favorite Funny Moment

While we can all agree we spend more time crying rather than laughing during an episode of Once Upon a Time, we can also agree there has been some laughable moments. 1,392 more words

Once Upon A Time

IMDB's List Of Most Popular TV Shows In Different States Is Very Surprising

Want to discover the most popular television show that’s set in your state? The staff over at IMDB studied user’s behavior and crunched the numbers in order to determine the most popular TV shows set in every state of the USA, including the District of Columbia. 161 more words


Once Upon a Time...there were some kick-ass women

I am obsessed with the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ and have been ever since episode one captured my heart with its sassy lead heroine who drove the coolest car I could ever wish for (seriously this car is top of my lust list). 534 more words


Beneath the Greasepaint

Back in the London of the 1960s when I was a pupil at the Italia Conti Stage School, I used to haunt the shop called… 408 more words

Once Upon A Time...

UGH: Ship Wars

Part of being in a fandom is shipping. And it’s one of the best things about being in a fandom. We all have shipped characters. Even if you’re not in a fandom, you unintentionally ship characters. 376 more words

Once Upon A Time