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Why do we read stories?

When do we stop reading stories? A friend of mine told me that she used to read lots of novels, and stories from different types and cultures but she stopped when she got married. 219 more words


Once Upon a Time: Unedited Significances

So, this is a long-overdue post.

It’s actually been floating around, unfinished, in my drafts since February 27th, which was a time that I probably could’ve been writing more but grew to be too lazy/unmotivated to do so. 556 more words



So my darling readers, and believe me I have quite an affection for you as I know many of you in real life as well. It still blows my mind that what I started as an exercise for me, is read by other people, sometimes regularly. 436 more words

The Parenting Marathon

Once Upon a Time - Chap. 45.1

Simone took a breath at seeing the massive flock of birds now fast approaching everyone. Even while aiming her pellet machine for the feathery swarm’s leader, that strange bird literally made by the Keepers, she still questioned what her eyes saw only a moment ago. 392 more words


"Once Upon a Time…"

Those are heavy words.

“Once Upon a Time…” reminds me of an empty leather-bound journal, a pencil, and the clock ticking. It reminds  me of my first novel, “Providence of Souls.” 151 more words


Once Upon A Time thoughts from season four. *Spoilers.*

We’re on a break from new episodes from Once Upon A Time which is my favorite show right now. I have to say I have mixed feelings about the final. 283 more words

Choosing to See the Best: A Letter to Emma Swan

This is my newest addition to my collection of letters to female fictional characters who’ve inspired me throughout my years as a fangirl. If you have a letter of your own you’d like to share, check out… 1,092 more words