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Last call to send in your favorite Once Upon a Time character moments

With the show nearly back, and another article I am working on all about Captain Swan, I am going to start rolling out my favorite moments for each Once Upon a Time main character this coming week. 84 more words

Once Upon A Time

30 Day Once Upon a Time Challenge Day #4

Least Favourite Female Character
Blue Fairy/Mother Superior

I once saw someone say on Tumblr that every Harry Potter fan gets to the stage where they realise that Dumbledore was actually an incredibly immoral character, who manipulated those around him in order to get what he wanted – to achieve the ‘greater good’. 156 more words


Once Upon a Time: Season 4 Blu-Ray Review


Season 4 of Once Upon a Time was one of the best of the series so far filled with many poignant moments, fine character development, humor and heart. 4,925 more words

Once Upon A Time

So you don't know me but... You've ruined television for me. FOREVER!!!

Dear People Who Cancel All My Favorite Shows on TV:

WHY???  Seriously…HOW COULD YOU????

Ok, I admit it….I don’t have cable.  I have Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.   510 more words

So You Don't Know Me

30 Day Once Upon a Time Challenge Day #3

Least Favourite Male Character
Neal Cassidy

Don’t get me wrong: I love Baelfire. But I kind of see Bae and Neal as two different people. There certainly are a lot of differences between them, even when he is reunited with his father. 88 more words

30-day Challenges

Nada Hemida, an Assassin or a Vigilante?

Let me tell you a funny story. Yesterday I was given an assignment in US History. We were supposed to write an article about ourselves from a journalist’s point of view about being important historical figures. 484 more words

Once Upon A Time

Memories from 6 years ago

Now at the beginning of the autumn, memories from 6 years ago come back. New students, forest smell, colder weather and yellow remind me of my first year in a small Central Finland town. 333 more words

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