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A Girl from Virginia

Once upon the exact same time as the boy from Nebraska, the exact same long time ago, there was a hippy girl from Virginia. She too had dreams of seeing the world. 147 more words

A Tale Of Love

Josh Hartnett on Turning Down Batman: "I Was So Focused on Not Being Pigeonholed"

When it comes to Christopher Nolan’s Batman, Josh Hartnett says he regrets turning down the iconic character role, which was famously portrayed by Christian Bale… 151 more words


Dear Universe #2 (Drama!)

Dear Universe,

I always ask for excitement in my life because I am overall very boring (although ‘boring’ is open to interpretation here). And this week, I got more than I bargained for: 780 more words


Random Musings on Once Upon A Time Ep 4.18 "Heart of Gold"

This episode finally saw the return of Robin Hood, Maid Marian, adorable little Roland and, shockingly, Zelena. Yes. You read that correctly. Zelena, the Wicked Witch and evil half-sister everyone loves to hate. 712 more words

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time - part 6 (end)

Those awful eyes caused my slight initial distaste to give way to utter revulsion, not to mention lifelong hatred of blue eyes.

And still their caustic remarks continued. 146 more words


Once Upon a Time - part 5

I might have known this guy’s response to my sarcasm. “Guess that’s another mistake I made,” followed by an illegal u-turn right back to Boss Walt’s motel. 158 more words


Once Upon a Time - part 4

Spend the night with HIM – really?!

I nearly ran out the door, grabbed a phone and dialed my errant lover’s home where wifey confirmed she had indeed thrown him out but was preparing to reconcile. 202 more words