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'Once Upon A Time': Emilie De Ravin Teases Big Surprises In Fall Finale & Hope For Rumbelle

Belle had to make the most heartbreaking sacrifice and give up her newborn son to keep him safe on the Nov. 27 episode of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ Emilie de Ravin reveals in a new interview before the midseason finale that there will ‘surprises’ as a result of Belle’s sacrifice. 335 more words


What has Rumple done? - Once Upon a Time - (Review)

Rumple has officially screwed everything up. In my opinion there is no hope left for this man. He has made some terrible decisions in the past but now he has made the worst one he could ever make. 739 more words

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Once Upon a Time Video: Evil Queen's Genie Is No Dream for [Spoiler]

Once Upon a Time‘s Purely Evil Queen teaches a Storybrooke hero to be careful what they wish for in this exclusive sneak peek from Season 6’s winter finale. 167 more words


Lila is about a woman artist who draws picture that come true when she holds them up to what she drew. I like this because when she drew a picture of a couple’s hands after they were fighting, their hands joined together and they forgave each other.

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Fairy Tale #1

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away from any prosperous civilisation, there was a young boy named Dave. He was a calm little boy, yet his heart was as fierce as that of a true English nobleman from the early Middle Ages. 281 more words

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A Bird in the Hole 

When my two oldest kids were young we lived with my parents. I moved out of my duplex with my (then) husband and into my parents home. 396 more words

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Once Upon a Time SN6 E9 - Changelings

This episode has been a long time coming.  I mean, really.  We’ve been waiting for Rumple to show us some Dark One Backbone.  I was getting a tiny bit tired of his whining and the occasional make-out sessions with the Evil Queen.   388 more words

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