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#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday - Killian Contemplates Fatherhood

Captain’s Choice is a fanfic made of supporting stories that take place in and around The Memory Keeper series. In this scene, Killian has just accidentally learned that Emma is carrying his child, and while Emma slumbers peacefully, he contemplates just what that means to him . 1,071 more words

"You Used Your Magic for Good that is What Makes You Good." - Once Upon a Time (6x18) (Review)

This was another filler type episode. It was mostly in place to put Zelena completely on the group’s side. Her loyalties have been debatable since the last season finale. 950 more words

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Day 37 - 往事 (Once Upon a Time)

Der var engang (Once Upon a Time), 1922 (Carl Theodor Dreyer)

1922年出品的<Once Upon a Time>是我們能欣賞到Carl Theodor Dreyer的早期作品,就像是北歐版版的<馴悍記>,這部默片拍得夢幻而有趣,亦開始看到Dreyer後來擅長補足人物情感的個人風格,可惜<Once Upon a Time>現存找到的菲林只有電影首三分之一,其餘三分之二菲林至今仍下落不明,後人唯有把劇照與菲林剪接在一起,但求電影的完整性。如果能找Dreyer和溝口健二和大都會餘下的菲林,絕對值得開香檳慶祝!

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Walking Dead, Fuller House, Good Fight, Big Bang, Supernatural, Once and More

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Question: I’m having Walking Dead withdrawal already. Help! 2,052 more words


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Once upon a time there was a man called Billy who had a pet cat. The cat was called Mr. Jack and Mr. Jack was white with black feet. 227 more words

One upon a time when I was a child

When I was a child I get jealous about how other families were. How my grade school classmates’ mothers would pick them up from school, make them lunch boxes, dressed them up–things my father would do to me, since my mother is working. 137 more words

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