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Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold 'Tainan', AM/AOS

I purchased this Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold ‘Tainan’, AM/AOS  from the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, and it arrived yesterday.  It took a while to get here as we had some trouble exchanging payment for the plant (mostly my fault as I am not used to non-electronic means).   224 more words


Oncidium Sweet Sugar 'Million Dollar'

I purchased this Oncidium Sweet Sugar ‘Million Dollar’ from eBay seller “Sophie’s Orchids” on March 3, 2016.  I have been looking for a Sweet Sugar for some time, and this one looked like a good healthy plant.   37 more words



Common name Dancing lady or butterfly orchid

Btcm. Hwuluduen Chameleon Colorful Lake

Burr. Guann Shin Diamond

Odontocidium Wildcat ‘Rainbow’

Onc Twingle Fragrance fantacy


Oncidiums are more forgiving of bright, even direct, light than other popular orchids. 299 more words


Flower Friday - Oncidium Sharry Baby

This Friday I have chosen one of my favorite orchids to show you… which was terribly hard to choose because I have so many favorites for so many different reasons! 113 more words

Laura Lecce

Quick update

Feb. 6, 2016: Back in 2/6/2016 we dropped by Taylor Orchids to visit Ron. The weather was unusually mild and it was a great way to spend an amazing day.  177 more words

Spring is here...in Southern California

Spring is here. There is tons of new growth going on in orchid land :) It feels nice when you grown them yourself.

What’s growing at your house? 57 more words

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