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Oncidium Speckled Spire 'Snowflake' is in bloom.

I purchased an Oncidium Speckeled Spire ‘Snowflake’ from Brookside Orchids at the Pacific Orchid and Garden Exposition in San Francisco on February 24th.  This is a large oncidium with two branching spikes, each 3′ or more in length, and it is now in bloom.   36 more words


New Aliceara Orchid

Brien has converted all the orchids to misting a few times a day and took out full water which I’m relieved. I thought that they were getting too much moisture which could’ve been causing mold/da fuzzies. 159 more words


Oncidium in formation

This stem of Oncidium orchids reminds me of choreographed dancers that are all in line one in front of the other and that fan out on cue.


Oncidium Wildcat 'Yellow'

I’ve often come upon a species of butterfly that I’ve never seen before when I visit butterfly exhibits but not so much with orchids.  I’m starting to get the hang of the names of the orchids when their show returns here each year.   18 more words


Tolumnia Bravo 'Nalo Beauty'

A pretty little Tolumnia with 1″ (2.5 cm) white flowers and variable dark markings on a tall spike. Blooming in a tiny  1.5″ inch (3.5 cm) thumb-pot this orchid likes regular watering and bright light and is deliciously fragrant. 31 more words


Onc. Golden Sunset 'Waiomao' x Tolu. Elfin Gem 'Kultana'

Gorgeous spotted flowers bloom atop three spikes on this tiny orchid. Not a bad show for this diminutive hybrid considering the plant is growing in a tiny 1.5 inch (3.5 cm) pot. 23 more words


Tolumnia Pink Panther #159

This delicate beauty is blooming in a 1.5″ (3.5 cm) pot. Easy to grow, this hybrid can flower twice a year and has a pleasant floral scent during the day. 87 more words