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Oncidium Shary Baby 'Red Fantasy'

 I purchased this Oncidium Shary Baby ‘Red Fantasy’ from Hausermann Orchids on October 29th.  They had many Shary Babys on their display floor, and they were all in bloom (and about 4 feet tall).   97 more words


2015 All State Orchid Societies meeting

Oct. 10, 2015: We missed last year’s Michigan All State Orchid Societies meeting with Norito Hasegawa because I was feeling under the weather. We greatly regret not being there last year. 326 more words

Odontoglossom Bictoniense x Oncidium Maculatum

I purchased this Odontoglossom Bictoniense x Oncidium Maculatum on my visit to SLO Garden Orchids on September 13th. It was in a six inch pot, and sitting with a large number of oncidium/odontoglossom hybrids along one wall of his second greenhouse. 101 more words


NoID Oncidium joins the family

This NoID Oncidium was purchased at Trader Joe’s on September 8th, taken to Whitehawk Ranch until the 10th, and then placed in the orchid room.  It has a single spike, and very nice looking flowers.


Oncidium Chrysomorphum is in bloom

I purchased this Oncidium Chrysomorphum from Ecuagenera Orchids at Orchids in the Park in San Francisco on July 25th.  It is now nicely in bloom.


GLOS Open (Growing) Houses

Sep. 10, 2015 : The Pleurothallis pubescens we got from Little Frog Farm is blooming! The tiny flowers look very alien.

Aug. 20, 2015 : Dot sent us a picture of the flowers on her  Phal. 296 more words