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Researchers identify previous unknown pathway for p53 cancer cell activation.

A common, yet previously undistinguished protein, which is elevated in many late-stage cancers, may play a strategic role in tumour growth through a non-conventional pathway, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine report in the… 281 more words


The cell is what you imagine it to be: AKT an the FOXO Gang

AKT Review

What I read:

“Activated AKT is a well-established survival factor, exerting antiapoptotic activity in part by preventing the release of cytochrome c from the mitochondria. 604 more words


Penn team mine specific ovarian cancer oncogene in 'junk DNA'.

Over the years researchers have made tremendous strides in the understanding and treatment of cancer by searching genomes for links between genetic alterations and disease. 662 more words


Epigenetics: The New Buzz Word In Cancer

Cancer is caused by mutations that either turn on the expression of oncogenes or turn off the expression of tumor suppressors. Oncogenes are elements that promote growth and cell division while tumor suppressors slow down the cell cycle and work to keep the cell from dividing. 473 more words


USC Study confirms link between CMV and mucoepidermoid carcinoma

USC confirms CMV as a Cancer causing Oncovirus and drive the most common salivary cancers.


An important new study from the Laboratory for Developmental Genetics at USC has confirmed cytomegalovirus (CMV) as a cause of the most common salivary gland cancers. 844 more words

Viral Cancer

The death of the synonymous codon - IV

The coding capacity of our genome continues to amaze. The redundancy of the genetic code has been put to yet another use. Depending on how much you know, skip the following three links and read on. 321 more words

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