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The incredible combinatorial complexity of cellular biochemistry

K8, K14, K20, T92, P125, S129, S137, Y176, T195, K276, T305, T308, T312, P313, T315, T326, S378, T450, S473, S477, S479. No, this is not some game of cosmic bingo. 363 more words

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Gene marker detects breast cancer

(Source: news.nus.edu.sg)

An oncogene discovered by NUS scientists could be used as a biomarker for the early detection and prognosis of breast cancer. This may happen as soon as next year, as the patent has been licensed to Singapore biomedical diagnostic company Restalyst Pte Ltd to be commercialised into a test kit. 342 more words

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The FIRSTS: The rise and fall of Pokemon (2001-2005?)

Few people know that Pokemon refers not only to a game, but also to a gene. An oncogene, to be precise, with a rather strange story. 535 more words


Racing to the beginning of the road: the search for the origin of cancer


          这个略有秃顶,上唇留着浓密胡须,两只很有福气的耳朵的人叫Robert Weinberg (1942-),他是MIT从事癌症机理研究的的教授。Weinberg这个名字在癌基因领域如雷贯耳:他发现了人的第一个oncogene/癌基因 Ras,肿瘤抑制基因Rb1;1982年创立了瞩目的Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research,现在也是Broad institute的核心成员。2000年在Cell上撰写的综述The hallmarks of cancer,描述了癌症细胞的6大特征,citation已经超过2万次。2011年的新版本citation业已超过1.7万次,其影响力可见一斑。因此由这样一位著名科学家撰写的,讲述寻找癌症原因的科普书籍,其权威性无可置疑。更重要的是这本书可读性上也非常好,NYT 对本书的赞誉更增加读者的期待”…proof that there still exists on this planet a few scientists who know how to tell about their work in a way that makes readers want to know evern more.” 274 more words

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