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Oncogenic Retroviruses

Retroviruses are a form of virus that undergo an RNA – DNA change in their life cycle, a process known as reverse transcription. This is performed by┬áReverse Transcriptase. 724 more words


TLR4 can act to suppress breast cancer when TP53 is a wild-type but act as an oncogene and higher expression of TLR4 is associated with better outcomes

University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center says that inhibiting the immune receptor protein TLR4 may not be a wise treatment strategy in all cancers, researchers have discovered, countering previously held beliefs, Countering previously held beliefs, researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have discovered that inhibiting the immune receptor protein TLR4 may not be a wise treatment strategy in all cancers. 352 more words



1. Modes of spread of tumor

2. Paraneoplastic syndrome

3. EBV

4. Difference between carcinoma and sarcoma

5. RB gene

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7. Oncogenes

8. Metaplasia- definition, types… 21 more words


Protein kinase can overcome senescence and increase expression of oncogene

Wistar Institute says that research has shown that cancerous cells have a different metabolism — essential chemical and nutritional changes needed for supporting the unlimited growth observed in cancer– than normal cells. 87 more words


Why Late-stage Cancer Patients Often Waste Away

One of the things that often kills cancer patients isn’t just the invasiveness and spread of a tumor but the physical wasting, known as cachexia… 359 more words

Oncogene Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

Oncogenomics is an emerging field that involves screening of genes that may be involved in cancer development. Human genome consists of 23 chromosomal pairs, approximately 20,000- 25,000 genes and 3,234.83 Mb genome size. 1,269 more words

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Researchers identify previous unknown pathway for p53 cancer cell activation.

A common, yet previously undistinguished protein, which is elevated in many late-stage cancers, may play a strategic role in tumour growth through a non-conventional pathway, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine report in the… 281 more words