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Kevin Na - Buddy Says Book It!!!

The Texas Open back in 2011 was a fluke right?  Kevin, this is never going to happen again right?  Like never?  I’m especially talking about this week.  85 more words


The Going Rate

When Bess looked down at the busy street below the fifteenth-story ledge upon which she was standing, her stomach crowded into her throat blocking any attempt to breathe, her head began floating just a bit to the left of center, her bones turned to ice water, and as she groped with fingers full of pins and needles for a purchase on the open window behind her, she re-evaluated how much influence some other woman’s lying, cheating husband should have on a girl. 102 more words


NBA Players Union: If players were mostly white, there would not be an age limit

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — An attorney for the union representing NBA players strongly indicated Thursday that the association will want players to again have the age limit for go pro lowered in the next round of collective bargaining. 497 more words


Thank you to the Seeing Eye and an epic sports rant an update from my relationship

I got Robin from the Seeing Eye in 2008 July to be exact. I keep up with things time to time by reading friends Facebook statuses or seeing Twitter posts about the organization. 2,409 more words


Possible Freshman Eligibility Rule Change Isn't For Players Benefit

By Ryan Mayer

The NCAA is considering re-instating the freshman ineligibility rule that was voted down back in 1972. Part of the reason for this consideration is the continuing debate over the one and done rule as it’s called for college basketball players. 1,050 more words


NCAA Reform in the Works?

Since 1972 Freshmen have been eligible to play in NCAA sports, today however CBS Sports is reporting that the NCAA could soon change this rule.  The potential reform stems from a suggestion from one of the Power Five Conferences, The Pac-12. 92 more words

“I’m on to Pebble Beach” One-and-Done Pick – Buddy Says Book It!!!

I’m coming off my first missed cut of the year and you know what? I’m pissed. But not THAT pissed because I did win money with my DraftKings lineups. 117 more words

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