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New Years in Paris, is it worth it?

Paris has got quite the reputation for itself. The city of love, culture and cuisine. All of these things are summed up best on one specific night of the year – New Year’s eve.  767 more words


“Yak-Mana!”: The “One and Done” Series Kicks Off with Kurt Thomas and “Gymkata”

Kevin: Schwarzenegger. Stallone. Norris. Seagal. Thomas. Don’t recognize that last one? Well you’re not alone. For every Arnold or Sly who captured the public’s heart, there was a Kurt Thomas or Jeff Speakman who did not. 3,529 more words

Jeff Speakman

"Where's Rodney?" (1990)

I didn’t expect that a month devoted to failed sitcom pilots would end up being such an endurance test. I expected some dull but inoffensive comedy that I would forget about as soon as it was over, which would explain why they didn’t get picked up. 786 more words

One And Done

"Starstruck" (1979)

If you’re reading this right now, there’s a better than 65% chance you’ve seen Rogue One, a “midquel” of sorts that takes place shortly before the events of episode 4 of  997 more words

One And Done

Showtime Special Highlights More than One and Done Problems

In addition to the 30 for 30 Reaction posts, 2017 brings rise to the new series Hooked Till the Credits where I’ll look at sports films (both documentaries and fictional) that literally had me hooked from the opening sequence to the ending credits. 717 more words


"The Coneheads" (1983)

Sometimes you watch a failed TV pilot and think “What a shame this treasure was never discovered.” You lament the lost potential, the notion of what could have been, if only someone had given it a chance. 762 more words


Kentucky coach John Calipari: D-League instead of college is bad idea for high school players

Kentucky coach John Calipari says he wishes he could keep his players who are one-and-done for all four years, but he also has long defended players leaving after one year to help their families and the benefits of the college experience. 402 more words