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Vegan Lemon Coconut Cake

Ever since the semester has started three weeks ago, it has been a crazy flurry of activity. Now more than ever, I look forward time in my kitchen as an oasis of calm. 530 more words


Cinna-mmmmm-mon Muffins

On a trip to Penzey’s Spices, I idly picked up the catalog as I purchased my delicious shallot salt. As Bill drove us back home, I was perusing the listings and recipes when I stumbled across this muffin recipe. 226 more words


Paprika Avocado Salad and Toast

Do you have an avocado and some paprika to spare? Well, congratulations! They are perfect for each other (and for your tastebuds).

I can’t remember how a bottle of paprika powder ended up in my freezer, but it has been there for months. 117 more words


Dorayaki (Japanese Azuki Pancake Sandwich)

I had a batch of Azuki (red bean) paste from the Vegan Matcha Azuki Layer Cake, so without question, Dorayaki is the next logical thing to make. 712 more words


Great Go-To Brownie Recipe

I love dessert.  I often tease that sugar is one of my major food groups, but that is not far from the truth.  I LOVE sweets.  302 more words

2-Ingredient Banana Oats Cookies (Vegan and Gluten-free)

Who doesn’t love cookies for breakfast?

But first, let me tell you what is not in this cookie:
No butter
No oil
No flour
No eggs… 383 more words


Black Bean Brownies- nailed it! 

Black. Bean. Brownies. Oh yes.

What? They’re gluten and dairy free too? All while tasting delicious?

Yes. Boom. Mind blown.

These brownies are amazing, even for the normal kind. 161 more words