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Waste Not Want Not

I opened the refrigerator last night as though it were a Chopped basket on the Food Network show. There are leftovers from the party, and not wanting to waste anything, I need to get creative. 443 more words

One Dish Meals

Weeknight Dinner with Friends

We are having some friends over for dinner tonight so I planned a menu that would be ready to heat and eat after I got home from work. 605 more words


Still Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

It feels like I haven’t done any major cooking in weeks. Winter is so humdrum. Now it’s already May and Cinco de Mayo has come and gone. 517 more words

One Dish Meals

Hawaiian-Themed Trivia Night

Tonight we are going to a Trivia Night with friends. We reserved a table for eight and there is a contest for best-decorated table. We chose a Hawaiian theme and a quick internet search helped me to put together a menu of food to go with it. 262 more words


Breakfast Pizza

On Saturdays during the winter we like to sleep in and have a good sit-down breakfast at home. All week we are on the run from the time our feet swing over the side of the bed and hit the floor, so it’s nice to enjoy a leisurely morning meal once a week. 468 more words

Grilled Pork Spare Ribs

My family has always been a fan of grilled chops and spare ribs but in Bangalore, I find restaurants rarely make spare ribs well. They are normally either too leathery or lack enough meat. 647 more words

One-Dish Meals

A while back, I had succumbed to the temptation and bought a huge 1 kg packet of frozen medium sized prawns from Sumeru. For those of you who are ardent believers or the fresh prawn versus frozen debate, I can vouch for it that these will not disappointing  In fact, I managed to convert a neighbor of mine to convert once she had tried this recipe. 47 more words

One-Dish Meals