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Copycat Famous Barr French Onion Soup (flavourite)

5 lbs med white onions
1/2 c butter
1 1/2 t pepper
2 T paprika
1 – 2 bay leaves
3/4 c flour
3, 32 oz containers beef broth… 153 more words

Eonomical Fried Bee Hoon 经济米粉

I made the noodles version of this the other day and i was hooked! I couldn’t wait to try the rice vermicelli version as it is also one of my favourites! 224 more words

Glutinous Rice Chicken aka Lor Mai Gai 糯米鸡

I have made this previously when i first started this blog a couple of years ago. I made a simple version that is commonly sold as an instant food from the supermarket or food places. 360 more words

Sweet Economical Noodles 经济炒面

This is a dish i have been craving for the longest time but i hate the ones sold outside as the noodles are soggy and have a really strong smell. 203 more words

Spanish Mixed Paella (Chicken, Bacon & Veggies)

This is a dish that has been on my to-cook list for the longest time! (Yes, i literally have a to-cook list!) However, i have not been able to as i don’t have a paella pan. 283 more words

Korean Japchae (Sweet Potato Noodles)

This is my first time making and cooking Japchae! I was tempted by posts on facebook of this colourful dish, which looks really appetizing. The noodles are made from sweet potato, its texture is very similar to glass noodles and it’s very yummy! 189 more words

新州米粉 Singaporean Fried Bee Hoon aka Rice Vermicelli

This is one of my favourite orders whenever we eat out. I love Bee Hoon aka rice vermicelli no matter how you cook it! I never had much luck frying the thin type of beehoon as it does take abit of skill to get the perfect texture, as it gets either rubbery or too soggy very quickly. 224 more words