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Owl Keyring

This is my lovely Owl Keyring from Shop Miss A. This is silver and black and white, unlike the necklace which is gold. It is again cheap metal like the necklace but I still love it, although, someone *stares intensely at my boyfriend* broke it already, he dropped my keys and beloved owl on the floor. 25 more words


Owl Necklace

As you know I love owls and all things cute. I saw this on the Shop Miss A website and I bagged it instantly.

It is gold and black and white, I think it is just adorable. 9 more words


Nail Art

I bought these from Shop Miss A and I was really looking forward to using them. I’ve had several goes with different designs and I just can’t use them. 56 more words


Kleancolour Wet and Dry Baked Shadow

Shop Miss A offer such a wonderful variety of eye make up and plenty of brands to choose from too. And at only one dollar each, it is so worth it.  135 more words


Giovi Make-Up

This is also from my Shop Miss A haul and although looking like it is for young girls, in a magazine, cheap make up sort of thing, I was curious, they had two other types in different colours as-well.  93 more words


Santee Rouge Mousse Blush

This was purchased from Shop Miss A .com and they offered a wide selection of blushes I was open to trying powders and mousse’s, you can find my review on the other two blushes I purchased here.  71 more words


Ms Chick Blush

These are by Kleancolor and are called ‘Ms. Chick Blush’ 

On the finger they look highly pigmented and a bit powdery but once applied to the face it feels natural and light. 93 more words