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Dane Curse, 3.99 - The Coconut Swindle Only .99 Cents


As always Dane Curse and The Coconut Swindle are available on Amazon. So pick them up today! Or tomorrow! But seriously, not too much later than that…


Never easy...

ok this is going to be a little more difficult than I dreamt… But who can blame me? I’m a dreamer :)

So let me tell you a little more about myself. 96 more words


Australian Muslim woman donates $1 for every hate-filled Tweet

SYDNEY(Web Desk): An Australian Muslim woman has donated close to Aus$1,000 (US$700) to charity after pledging to give one dollar every time she receives a hate-filled Tweet. 180 more words


Things worth buying at the dollar store

These days, everyone seems to be looking to save as much money as possible.  Only buying items on sale, couponing, and (my favorite) shopping at the dollar store. 704 more words


Not All Energy Efficient Bulbs are EQUAL or $1

Did you know that not all Energy Efficient bulbs are created equal?  When shopping through the bulb isle at your local grocery, home improvement or… 496 more words