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Day Twenty Seven

I forgot about a photo yesterday. Again. Soz. I’m getting worse as the month goes on. I wore a blue long sleeved top over the dress with a silver necklace and the highlight of my day was eating lots of ice-cream, mmm.  180 more words

Day Twenty Five

Today was my flatmate Liv’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIV. 

Here’s a picture of Liv looking happy because it’s her birthday: 

Isn’t she cute.

We drank some wine and ate lots of food because it was her birthday. 118 more words

Day 22 and Day 23

Day 22 did not see me leaving the flat again (was I working or was I not? No one will know…). However, on Sunday, day 23, I had a very cultural afternoon! 265 more words


Day 21

On Friday night I went to the Dialectic President’s Circle Dinner, which included a debate (it was on creating the United States of Europe) and a ceilidh. 176 more words


Day 19 and Day 20

I am becoming a very indoor-sy type of person: did not do much on Wednesday, was spending time in the library doing some dissertation work (and not taking pictures). 253 more words


Day Twenty

Very sorry that there was no Day Seventeen, Day Eighteen or Day Nineteen; I was busy enjoying my holidays in Amsterdam. You didn’t miss much, surprisingly I was wearing a black dress each day.  162 more words

Day 18

Tuesday was a day of big news for the University of Glasgow: students elected a new rector.

I started this day with a big cup of coffee (which I handled much better than my morning coffee last week, no running up and down the stairs in the building). 93 more words