one flew over the cuckoo's nest

I’ve tried to see these IMDb movies without much knowledge of them before hand. Some, like Schindler’s List, I had already seen scenes from in the best history class ever. 180 more words


Found In Translation #1: The Art of Adapting

The 21st century, like many 15 year olds, has a sprawling, overactive imagination, but it’s an imagination filled mostly with signs, symbols, and stories inherited from a previous age. 1,313 more words

Moving Pictures

Recent Purchases: Episode 8

Hello, my friends! It is time for this long dead series to return to the blog. If you are new, let me explain what the hell this is all about. 90 more words


Off-off Broadway rules in Queens

Two shows currently running in the borough are definitely worth checking out.

The Variations Theatre Co. soars with its production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” 88 more words


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Bunnies, birds, butterflies… These innocent and peaceful creatures accommodate themselves in her vintage dreamlike imagery. But as if they’ve been crashed to a wall, their pieces are used to build another reality: one of pain, misery, death and a last attempt for rebirth. 448 more words

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