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Holding the Earth

I feel so privileged to be here at Monument Valley staying in a Navajo Hotel called ‘The View.’ These ‘monuments-butte,’ free-standing rock formations, appeared about 570 million years ago. 127 more words


"Inauguration" of Peace

Human evolution is moving forward today. 

It may not be apparent or clear to our human eyes and ears. But, human evolution is moving forward today. 97 more words


one heart, many feelings

One heart that can feel: lonely,bright red,depressed, happy,





one heart, many feelings


Avoid desires to be touched by the divine.

It is our countless nagging desires that keep us separated from happiness, from the great truth. But there are 2 principal desires: the first is to avoid death; the second is to avoid living fully. 233 more words

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Divine Thread: from the gallery

Most of us live in a world in which the past dominates us. It seems to have such a strong influence, magnetizing us to always look into another time and making comparisons with the present. 512 more words

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Somnambulation: how many seconds can we really stay awake?

Most of us spend most of our lives asleep! We fall into routines often by choice exactly so that we can sleep. We walk down a busy road in a dream staring into the wide-open sleeping eyes of passersby. 315 more words

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What is Zion?

One of the most common scriptures used in our Sunday School classes is Moses 7:18, there are a hundred more that discuss Zion in the present and latter days, however this scripture is the most concise that I can find. 414 more words