On re-reading Marquez

I first read Marquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, when I was fourteen. The heavy and dense storytelling was probably something that got my attention. Thick thick descriptions of swamy Macondo amidst the burdensome green of the Columbian amazon, with tales of futuristic ice and clucky magnets somewhat transformed it into a fanstasy tale of some sort. 224 more words

Top Ten: Literary Novels I Can't Believe I Haven't Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme was books I can’t believe I haven’t read from X genre. 104 more words

Top Ten Tuesday

Surfing Life, Page, Mind

I woke up the other morning realizing that if I had entered myself in the race to become a great, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, I am certainly losing. 379 more words

Writing Advice

He felt himself forgotten, not with the irremediable forgetfulness of the heart, but with a different kind of forgetfulness, which was more cruel and irrevocable and which he knew very well because it was the forgetfulness of death.

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Trăm năm cô đơn - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Một cuốn sách dài để lại rất nhiều suy ngẫm về cuộc sống.

Nguyên bản: Cien años de soledad.
Tựa đề tiếng Anh: One hundred years of solitude… 1,933 more words


The Merchant from Overseas: Melquíades and the Dust That Was Macondo

With the use of magical realism, a genre evident in most Latin American works of fiction where incidents considered as mystical mix together with the regular activities done by the characters (Roy 1), Gabriel García Márquez presents in his novel… 1,282 more words


"I follow my feeling” An Interview with Fausto Giaccone

Italian photographer Fausto Giaccone’s works from his beautiful photo book ‘Macondo’ is the centre point of the Sensorium art festival being held at Sunapranta Goa Centre for Arts from December 6. 808 more words