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Let’s talk about something that we don’t.

So there are many subjects that are taboo within our society. Things we don’t talk about simply because they are uncomfortable topics. We hush them, hide them deep within. 950 more words

Perspective, Positivity and Procrastination 

Right now I’m sat writing this instead of doing a dozen other things but I need to write this; mainly because I am excellent at procrastinating and partly because I’m probably not the only one who’s had a rough week. 906 more words

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From the Mind of a Progressive: If It's Not a Yes, Then It's a No

by Gary Thompson

A friend of mine asked me to play a word association game just the other day. When given some names of newsworthy people, I was asked, “what are they famous for?” 931 more words


A Mother's Love

*Trigger Post*

I had mentioned in another post not long ago how fall is an exciting time in my life but October is a hard month for many others. 323 more words

Health & Fitness Journey

17-39 Segment 1: Enlisting Men Against Sexual Assault


How do we end sexual violence? The answer may be that we have to change the culture we are living in to make sexual violence everyone’s problem. 382 more words

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The Significance of Mental Health

Mental health disorders, especially depression and anxiety, are increasing in prevalence around the world.

Around 1 in 4 people will have experience a mental disorder at some point in their life. 1,267 more words

Mental Health

Dear Patience

Shortly after my D&C, Austin and I named the baby we never got to meet. We also both took the time to write her a letter. 1,210 more words