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He makes all things new

I stepped out of the chapel after praying and discovered forcynthia bushes on the way to their fullness. Even though the winter just won’t budge, spring is fighting her way in, spreading its unmistakable hope all over the world. 180 more words

One Life Remaining

Life with a Dog

Between a toddler and a 4 months old puppy, I’ve bad very little time left for my quiet reflections. I do miss my previous life with many pauses and serene and idle moments, but this seems fitting at this moment in my life. 101 more words

One Life Remaining

Take Me with You

“Take me with you. Put me on your path. And I will follow you. I will suffer with you.”

This is a short prayer that I wrote, perhaps, about the time I was embarking on my journey to Hawaii. 721 more words

One Life Remaining

The year the answer was right in my hand

We spent a week in exile away from home during the bomb cyclone that had swept through Northeast. With the temperature way below zero in Fahrenheit, it resembled Siberia. 1,108 more words

One Life Remaining

Native State

How do you even begin to describe moments like this? When there is such silent pause that you don’t hear a single ticking of the clock, as if you are caught in the sweet web of eternity? 405 more words

One Life Remaining

Canon Cure

There are many variations of Pachelbels’ Canon. I have some that I frequent to aid me during some of my major mood variations. They each have their own benefits WITHOUT any side effects-as far as I know-. 398 more words

One Life Remaining

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What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Can you see those two speckles flying among the trees? Those are dry leaves, not birds. And look how blue the sky is today. It’s the kind of day when outside is warmer than the inside of my old country home. 247 more words

One Life Remaining