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Airline Flight

Before boarding my flight, I was questioned by airport security why I had a light bulb in my left pocket. I said, “Because I have a lamp in my right one.”


Even if you fail, make sure you so show up for that shit.

One Liners

Dungeon Master Coffee

Q: What is a Dungeon Master’s favorite kind of coffee?

A: Fantasy grounds.

One Liners

Quasi-Literary Lunacy/May 20, 2019

Daily Ditz

”I’m an amateur etymologist and have always wondered why the word ‘apricot’ doesn’t mean ‘after napping on your folding bed’.”

Assiduous: (adj) the tendency to shed fat from one’s derrière before warm weather.


Most times you can’t see a way through, you just hope that there is one.

One Liners

Only Hope

Jesus Christ is not just a source of hope He is our only hope. If we place our hope in anything else it will be found to be false hope and will let us down.



I’ve been watching too much TV. While conversing with my wife, she paused for a moment and I expected a commercial.