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mike, nappier, drunk and travis discuss the following topics……..

furious 7 and why everyone went to go see it……..

the cannibal network………

ask dr. nappier questions provided by anchor, dan, matt, mandy and jay. 35 more words


Conservative Moms Are Fuming About This Pop Tarts Commercial 'Double Entendre'

Let’s check in with One Million Moms, shall we? The conservative mom watchdog group always seems to be pooping their pants about something, and this time it’s the innocuous Pop Tarts commercial you see above. 193 more words


Políticas de Transición y Transgresión

El año 2015 parece ser prometedor. Prometedor, si de igualdad de derechos constitucionales y visibilidad mediática inclusiva se refiere. A pesar de la creciente fijación de diversos medios con personajes esotéricos, epíteto por lo general referente a la expresión de su sexualidad o identidad personal, me atreveré a concluir que algunas de estas representaciones reflejan un intento genuino de visibilización, concientización y sensibilización, y no un desesperado afán por sumarse al éxito circunstancial y la moda resucitada de lo evidentemente “queer”. 376 more words


...and if the last blog post offended you...

…then you probably won’t enjoy the book. I was exposed to the fundamentalist variety of Christianity as a child via various relatives, most notably my grandfather. 52 more words

Disney Airs Curse Words on Popular Children's Show

Doc McStuffins (center) with her friends

You should be outraged and appalled over this—and you should take action. Disney Channel is officially allowing profanity in its programming. 106 more words

US News

Mac'n'Cheese Porn : Nevermind Jeans, Now Even Comfort Foods Are Sexed Up!

Sex in advertising is nothing new, but macaroni and cheese porn? Yesterday, midday, I looked up from reading as my husband was flipping between a race and football. 294 more words

Are You Flippin' Kidding?

Ben & Jerry's refuses to rename 'Hazed & Confused' flavor

(PIX11) — Looks like ‘Hazed & Confused’ is here to stay–both the flavor and the name, according the Bloomberg News.

But, the name was the only one causing controversy. 278 more words