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Little Red Riding Hood is not Mum Friendly, Apparently

Hey all!

Another blog, and I’ve started to really question what it is I think I’m doing with my life. The answer is that I don’t know. 326 more words


Finding Dory

“It is just a matter of time until more animated films include gay characters …”
Sarah Kate Ellis.

I watched the much talked about trailer for “Finding Dory” a “Finding Nemo” sequel and I honestly haven’t seen anything in the talked about scene to indicate that the women are a couple. 244 more words

One Million Moms Is Boycotting Olive Garden Over Fox's New Show 'Lucifer'

Thanks to the second (and slightly better) episode of The X-Files miniseries, Fox’s new series, Lucifer, based very loosely on Neil Gaiman’s… 361 more words


Christians More Accepting?

I realize the Pew Research Center is pretty reputable when it comes to polling, but I’m not entirely sure I trust these results, especially when groups like Million Moms (or whatever they’re called) feels the need to protest everything as evidenced on… 17 more words


Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged

By Ilana Bernstein

When 11-year-old Amaya Scheer was featured in a recent issue of American Girl magazine, she never expected the backlash she’d face. Amaya was highlighted for her efforts to help kids who live in foster homes, but when the conservative group One Million Moms saw the article, the focus turned to the fact that Amaya has two dads. 319 more words

Girls Around The World

Stop calling it a "culture war," call it what it actually is

So I saw another truly ridiculous piece of conservative outrage today, about the squawking, dishonestly named “One Million Moms” group (a proud owner of 3,000 Twitter followers) getting upset that gay people exist. 1,977 more words