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How do you meditate?   There are thousands of ways.

The important thing is to not try. Trying stops the process of relaxing. … 235 more words



A blog post reminding you to stay warm and relaxed, no matter if the weather outside is “frightful.”  Use our OMM to get you out of the cold. 455 more words

Parenting Issues

One Minute Meditation Pt2

I’m writing today from Wakayama City in Japan where I am currently doing some research for my Japanese course at university. It’s going well and I am inspired by the glorious autumn foliage putting on a fabulous show in the temple gardens and mountains. 785 more words


One Minute Meditation Pt1

At last all my university exams are over for the year, and I have one more year to complete before getting my BA in Japanese. But now I can enjoy a bit of a break and share some more chats with you. 735 more words



TOPIC:  Hovering Parents.  First take the test, then read the article.

This blog post has an interactive portion. First, do this quiz, ‘A Quiz Are you a Hover Mother or Father? 669 more words

Parenting Issues

Guest Post: One Minute Meditation

As promised, I have another guest post for you all today! Erin blogs at Creative Soul in Motion.  Like myself, Erin lives in Boston.  Not only are we blog friends,  we are real life friends too.   758 more words

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"Six Words of Advice" from Tilopa (and One-Minute Meditation)

Well, the word count is off, but the sentiment is great:

Let go of what has passed.
Let go of what may come.
Let go of what is happening now. 19 more words