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One Minute Book Reviews: Perfected

While not as compelling as I thought it was going to be I did enjoy the premise. The idea of genetically modified humans isn’t a new one, but the “pet” aspect was an interesting twist (again, not totally original but it was unique enough to keep the story moving forward). 62 more words


One Minute Book Reviews: The Impossible Knife of Memory

This book was almost painful to read (but in a good way, sort of?). It deals with a lot of serious issues beyond just growing up as a teenager like mental health and what your responsibilities are to someone who is struggle with one. 61 more words

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One Minute Book Reviews: Tape

The premise of this story paired with a fabulous cover made me expect big things from this book. Unfortunately it did anything but deliver.

With a time travel plot similar to Rowell’s “Landline” but poorly thought out this time travel story lacked the pacing, coherent breaks, and characters to make it interesting. 50 more words


One Minute Book Reviews: When Girlfriends Break Hearts

Page has promise as a writer, there were some passages that were eloquently written, unfortunately her lack of focus keeps the book, and characters shallow. The story is littered with unnecessary details and pages of description. 101 more words


One Minute Book Reviews: The Selection

I’m not sure why I finished this book in one sitting…I just couldn’t stop. While, arguably, there’s nothing about The Selection that makes it more interesting or original than any other dystopian YA series out there, there’s something about it that really hit the right nerve with me. 120 more words


One Minute Book Reviews: The Remedy for Love

Is this a love story? No. The chemistry between these characters is nonexistent. Eric is an uptight small town lawyer and Danielle is slightly crazy and out of money. 123 more words


One Minute #Book #Reviews: How to Build a Girl

Hairstyles of the Damned was my favorite book in high school and have been on a quest to find something similar since. I am always disappointed but thought How to Build a Girl really did come close to… 131 more words