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Little Book of Leadership

Gitomer has continued to remain my preferred go-to source for all business guides in the 21st century because he speaks in the language of the everyday salesman and leader. 173 more words

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Don't Send a Resume

My favorite fact about books by Fox remains that they are some of the quickest reads available to get instant tips on what actions to take to maximize your work life. 125 more words

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Little Red Book of Selling

Gitomer’s books are always fun, fast, and feasible reads designed to inspire instant sales success. These principles are nothing new in the marketplace, but it’s the creativity and presentation of the material that makes it an easily accessible text that can become a part of your sales routine. 102 more words

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Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude

First, let me tell you that this is the only self-help and success book I have ever had the privilege to say was actually fun to read. 136 more words

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How to Become a Great Boss

Here’s another great desk read to keep nearby the office. If you’re looking for some intraday motivation, this book has you covered with common reminders of what it means to stand out as a First Class leader in your organization. 109 more words

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Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless

This is one of those rare finds that lives up to the expectations and hype delivered through the text’s title that customer satisfaction is worthless and customer loyalty is priceless in today’s crowded marketplace. 114 more words

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One Minute Book Reviews: Perfected

While not as compelling as I thought it was going to be I did enjoy the premise. The idea of genetically modified humans isn’t a new one, but the “pet” aspect was an interesting twist (again, not totally original but it was unique enough to keep the story moving forward). 62 more words