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One of Those Days

You know those days?

Your itty bitty adorable baby wakes you up ready to play at 4:30am? You kinda want to sell her?

Then your boss calls to notify you that there will be no overtime pay or raises until the entire organization (as a whole) hits 60 loans in a month. 181 more words


How To Get Through One of Those Days

Is it just me, or does everyone have one of those days where they feel like a pathetic loser?

You know those days. Those days when you’re getting ready for work, eating breakfast, or driving and you’re just plagued by everything you haven’t accomplished, everything you don’t have, and everything that hasn’t changed in your life. 479 more words

Lessons From God


I’m slipping, sliding on the slippery slope. Hard to find traction though I’m digging my heels in. Hope I don’t fall too far down the hill. 158 more words

One of those days...

Today is just one of those days… I woke up and tried, oh but I tried. I knew straight away what kind of mood I was in… and despite trying to cheer myself up, I mean I even watched a movie with a guy that likes me and still I sat there just being weird and just having a bad day. 181 more words

Miscarriage 10.2016

I have never felt as empty as I did when I went to have a ultrasound and there was nothing up on the monitor. The ultra sound tech went pale and I knew that something was wrong. 299 more words


Addicted -10.2.17

Easy to be addicted.

Addicted to being alone.

Easily became a workaholic.


Why do you ask?

I am far to busy to pursue anything. 179 more words


Do we see each other?

We spend so much time rushing. Rushing to work, to buy groceries, to activities. We are constantly in each other’s way. On the road, in the supermarket, at the park. 497 more words

Outings And Activities