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Stating the obvious ...

Good Lordy. It’s been one of THOSE days. You know the kind. The “Do I really even need to say THAT?” kind of day.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t have to state the obvious!!!

Life's Little Lessons

One of Those Days


I believe we need the earth and sky like we need food and water.

Give me wildflowers and I feel like I know what it is to be truly free. 119 more words


Mother of All Meltdowns

Today I had the mother of all meltdowns.

Today I had the mother of all meltdowns and kicked my beloved vacuum cleaner for getting caught on a chair. 766 more words


And on this day....

I miss my mom…I miss having a caring dad. I miss the security I got from my mom. I miss her love.

And on days like this I know she would have my back. 169 more words

Pages From My Life

One of *Those* Days

Today is definitely one of them. It’s the kind of day where nothing really goes quite right. There isn’t anything majorly wrong, nothing of any kind of importance. 884 more words


Thank Badness

I’m grateful there are days like this
When every shot is bound to miss
And all the best-laid plans of mice
And me go awfully gley. 27 more words