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One of Those Days

It’s been one of those days today. It’s not the kind where everything goes wrong or when it is a bland day. It’s one of those days that turned out unusually positive.  208 more words


Its one of those days

If you have kids, you will understand this. We are having one of those days, were everything is a strop, when you say no the child hears yes, if it is naughty and not allowed it should be done. 165 more words


I Know Exactly What I Was Doing

I remember when I was younger my grandparents and parents saying oh yeah I remember exactly where I was when Presidebt Kennedy was shot. And, I remember thinking huh I can’t imagine remembering exactly what I was doing and every moment of a single day. 921 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Not Even If It Handed Me Its Calling Card

Today I was complimented on my patience, and, it being one of “those” days, I just shook my head and asked them to point out to me the next time they saw me being patient, because right then and there I wouldn’t recognize patience if it introduced itself to me at a party . . .

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

Spoof: High Five (Of Those Days)

Watch Video HERE

Is it a coincidence that we did a #TBT post of Candide’s “One of Those Days” and then this comes out? 28 more words


But its not meant to happen til xmas...

Yes.. you guessed it, i have a cold. Im fortunate not to get ill much in the year but it only happens near christmas but for some reason its happened early. 38 more words


The Dilemma of the Disabled

Today was a mixed bag.  I woke up this morning, on time, and found my ipod in the bottom of one of my drawers, that I swear I had already checked, but such is life.   576 more words