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Where have we been?

I am not sure where to begin with this one.  It’s been quite a week.

I was having back pain and it hurt to breathe so I assumed that I pulled something.   874 more words


WATCH: Snowbird Locals Do Their Best Candide Impressions

Isaac Freeland and Jonnie Merrill lap Mineral Basin @Snowbird in a Candide style short that is pure awesome.

*Video courtesy of Isaac Freeland



Today has been one of those days.
The thermos opened in the bag somehow.
All the papers, the wallet, the phone,
the AC remote, drenched with coffee. 184 more words

Doug is my little oddball.

Yesterday, Doug went under anesthesia so that the vet could do X-rays of his mouth and leg. He is missing four teeth (which is odd at his age) and we needed to see if they were impacted. 343 more words

Melvin And Jake

So You're Having A Day...

A couple years ago I started a job at a Manhattan law firm. Halfway through my first day my supervising partner stepped into my office and shut the door. 155 more words


One of those days ...

Hello Everyone,

Wow two blog posts in two days, crazy huh? I suppose I got back into the swing of things after yesterday and I just need to talk about my awful day which should be placed into the ‘DAYS TO BE FORGOTTEN ABOUT’ slot in my mind. 260 more words

My Life

The Question is...


Why do we have so many thoughts and ideas and yet remain seated and somehow still on our computers hours later having accomplished nothing in the physical realm? 101 more words

One Of THOSE Days