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27 + 72 Hours

I’m home from being with family in China for over 2 weeks! But getting here was a long journey. While I flew direct from DC to Beijing by using the miles I’ve been hoarding, I chose a flight with a layover on the way back to a) save some money and b) so that the timing would be a little more convenient. 1,035 more words


10/365: One of those days

It’s been one of those days today. One of those days where I can see the work piling up, I didn’t eat dinner until after nine o’clock, I got lost in an engineering building, and my landlord is being ridiculous. 154 more words


Doug has been here for four months.

It’s funny, I’ve written before how sometimes a dog comes and they just fit and sometimes a dog comes and it’s stressful and worrisome and you are not sure you made the right decision. 908 more words



Didn’t expect my first self portrait of 2017 to be kind of depressing looking. Geez! I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come this year. 165 more words

Everything, Not Poetry

Những mối tình học trò vẩn vơ

Có lẽ không phải ai cũng đã từng trải qua một thời đem lòng thích người bạn thân nhất của mình.

Nhưng, chắc hẳn, cảm giác yêu đơn phương một ai đó và người đó không đáp trả lại tình cảm của mình thì ai cũng đã từng trải qua. 1,120 more words

One Of Those Days

The 'in between time'

One of my favorite things is walking down a winding country lane in the late afternoon when it’s chilly. I don a scarf and a hat and walk along basking in slivers of the setting sun’s rays that make it through the thick trees. 315 more words

My Bohemian Life

Nhà tôi

Cause home is where your heart is set in stone

It’s where you go when you’re alone

It’s where you go to rest your bones… 1,737 more words

One Of Those Days