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One of Those Days

It isn’t quite writer’s block since you’re still writing, but it definitely isn’t coming by easily. We’ve all had one of those days. I’m in the midst of one right now. 525 more words



Today has been sheer hell. Would go into it further, but am not sure I can without crying.

Mental Illness

One GOAT of A Day!

Goats… where do I begin? They’re cute. They’re entertaining. They’re fun and they make good pets, especially for kids. I do love them. But let me tell you, they’re very good at testing people’s patience, especially mine. 2,360 more words


What's Behind Door Number Two

At 11:30 PM, I apparently have two options:

I can explain my state of mind in low and melodramatic tones, all long-sentenced and adjective-heavy in the dim light of my square, little room with midnight seeping in over the windowsill. 107 more words


The Music Box: March 2015

Music is my first love that I’m always homesick for, so when The Music Box offered to send me a box to review for you guys, I was super excited. 574 more words


Dealing with Tilt

Today, I left the base of my daughter’s carseat in my grandmother’s car. This wouldn’t be a big deal, except that she lives three hours away. 641 more words

Life With Liliana

Today= disaster

do you ever get those days where it doesn’t look good from the moment you get up?

That’s my today.

I’m having some work done on the back of my house because it’s falling apart. 236 more words