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Water Works: Home Edition

We each have those messy moments as parents that literally take your breath away. Lately I’ve been reminiscing over the “highlights” of those in my mothering journey thus far. 498 more words


One of those days

A bit of nonsense for you. Hope you enjoy!


Today the sun rose in the south
traversed the sky from north to east
and then it set behind the moon… 76 more words


Today is a struggle 

Well I don’t really want to run over again what took place this morning, but for your entertainment and perhaps to learn something for myself I will share. 582 more words


Just one of those days!

So my little man decided that he wants to sleep in the bed with mum and dad last night. Of course, he doesn’t understand that I’m pregnant and that my little tummy takes most of the bed space! 135 more words

New days 

Because there’s always tomorrow, and sometimes that’s what gets you through today.


Base line competencies

My work history is diverse. From pharmacy assistant to fishing deckhand to broadcast news announcer to surface supply dive system designer and builder and beyond. My resume is so diverse that I haven’t compiled a complete work history for a very long time, believing any prospective employer would doubt my honesty. 438 more words