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Detour to Depression

Brain synapses have always come across to me as roads. There’s interstates to certain memory patterns and behaviors that are habitual. Then there’s the backroads, gravel roads, and ones that are just plain impossible to navigate unless you walk with a scythe for the foliage and a shotgun for anything that will jump out at you. 343 more words

Deep Stuffs

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

MS is a disease that doesn’t discriminate, it effects people of all nationalities and ethnicities worldwide. It’s unpredictable and often there is no warning when an exacerbation is about to occur. 76 more words



It’s one of those daze.  My spell-checker is at a loss for wurdz.


Kids are so perceptive!

“Ms. Bless, I need to show you something,” Al told me during math, while students were practicing math facts using multiplication.com.

“Yes?”  I asked.  Something told me that this was going to be a good one. 41 more words

Third Grade

Trying To Explain Depression is Like Putting Jello in a Toaster

Awareness of depression is growing, but each story of those who deal with it is different. There are no constants with depression. Every brain’s chemical and physical structure is unique. 775 more words

Deep Stuffs