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one of those days

there are weeks when you wake up
every morning,
and it’s someone else’s day.

the wound opens again,
spitting and snarling.

it becomes hard to trust yourself. 87 more words


bang! they pushing
you losing
they come in ripped jeans
red pyjamas won’t help.

but rock in the windpipe
seventy red nails around your neck… 27 more words

One Of Those Days

Salutation this left my PC at home and didn't realize until I got to work Wednsday

It was one of those mornings today, it was hard  to get out of bed, there was problems with the car that I had booked for the day, the little girls at the coffee place was slow as usual and I was just lost in general. 96 more words



It’s one of those days – the kind where I don’t know what I feel or why.  I should be used to it.  They happen.  But they’re always disconcerting. 214 more words

My LIfe

Day at the office

Ever had one of those days where you wake dreading what’s ahead but never really sure why. That was my day today.

Because of this and because of that I have pushed through it and it put a fire in my belly to get my blog off the ground. 65 more words

Some Days... Well...just some days!

I try to do a series of beauty shots every morning.   I don’t always take them, and the ones I do take don’t always get posted.   98 more words


It was like...

It was like when you text someone the message: Your phone is in my purse.