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Day 1438 - Old Faces

That man stole my beard!

This is an old colleague who moved on to bigger and better things. We tend to meet up every 2/3 months for a pint.

Taken by Simon  Greene

Amateur Photography

Day 1436 - The League of Extraordinary Moustaches

Shannon and I had some pals over for New Years’ and sent out our New Year wishes with this photo.

I feel like this photo could also be called New Year, New Mestache… 7 more words

Amateur Photography

Day 1435 - Thief

I had to come to work today and no one was in the coffee shop, so……..

In actual fact, I wouldn’t know how to work the machine, I just sent this in a text to the catering manager to upset him.

Taken by Simon Greene

Amateur Photography

Day 1434 - Pamper

Shannon face masked me. It gave me an excuse to bring back my beautiful hair-band.

Taken by Simon Greene

One Photo A Day