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Bartolome doesn’t necessarily works for someone else. One Piece 710 He is already a Devil Fruit user, so he could only possible get the Mera Mera no Mi to give it to another person. 222 more words

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If I don’t have anything to say One Piece 710 I shouldn’t bother. When did I say I was going to change your mind? When did it say one can not express his opinion? 257 more words

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Get well soon Odacchi! One Piece 710 There is something that doesn’t make sense to me, is it really necessary for SJ to not publish the manga for 2 weeks? 200 more words

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I just remember when this happened with d. One Piece 710 gray man, his health is the most important thing, it wont do if he neglects his health and ends up worse. 221 more words

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Of course, One Piece 710 maybe the citizens appear relaxed out of fear of Dofla. In any case, I doubt it’s something like mind control. Every dictator in history was loved by part, if not majority of his people. 251 more words

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Chinjao comes from another kingdom, One Piece 710 not from dressrosa, therefore there shouldn’t be any info sent by dd. and the only one aware of dragon’s relationship were garp and Kuma, for what we know. 191 more words

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The point that One Piece 710 Bart was able to block the King punch puts more of the point that he is mentioned to be one of the current star rookies that has made it to the NW. 207 more words

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