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Southwestern Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Smoky and spicy from the paprika and cinnamon, this is not your mom’s chicken soup. Enjoy this hearty chicken soup on days when you want something extraordinary and incredibly satisfying. 243 more words


Spiced Turkey Salad

Spices are a wonderful way to enhance both the flavor and the medicinal power of your meal. Paprika, cumin, black pepper, garlic and cilantro all have unique chemical healing ingredients designed to boost your metabolism – and delight your palate. 218 more words


Broccoli Scramble

The broccoli provides a phytonutrient called DIM, which is helpful in estrogen metabolism. Using one whole egg and the egg whites from 3 more eggs is a great way to maximize protein and healthy omega-3 fats without losing potent antioxidant lutein from the yolk. 187 more words


Tuna Potato Salad - Easy one-pot meal

Serving 4-8 (I purposely make a large batch because this makes for great leftovers!)

This is the kind of recipe to make when you have a family to feed and are short on time and preparation. 356 more words


Lazy Chicken Recipe

There are days that you just want to eat, but don’t want to go through preparing and cooking a meal. Especially if a dish involves a lot of preparations and cleaning up afterwards. 244 more words


Spinach Mint Rice

When you are in a rush, and still don’t want to eat outside, then this is an ideal for you to make it at home. 310 more words

Stay Warm All Winter With My Turkey, Sweet Potato, and Black Bean Stew

Here’s an easy, healthy, outrageously delicious recipe that that’s perfect for a chilly evening this winter. Make a big batch, and freeze the leftovers for an even simpler meal down the road! 465 more words