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Dizzy with a Dame :a: 'The Mummy' -1999- 'Jonathan Carnahan* love shot


“You know Jonathan’s in love with her right?” Rick O’Connell questions Evelyn as he sits down to look over his ‘Go to’ kit.

Evelyn nods slightly, a brief hum slipping passed her lips as she flips a page of her book. 606 more words

One Shots


This is a tale of two lovers that was never meant to be. It is a tale that perhaps, could only be found in ripped pages of forgotten fairytales but one would have never guessed this story, in fact, was true. 5,095 more words


Meine Kleine Scheune Schlucken (My Little Barn Swallow) :a: 'D'Jango Unchained' *Dr. King Schultz* love shot


With a pounding heart I slowly raise my left hand, readying myself to knock. For almost ten years we have been separated, and now, as I stand here, a mere slab of wood being our only wall I am finding it particularly hard to move. 233 more words

One Shots

Glassblower, Chapter V

(5: final)

You couldn’t spell ‘Monday’ without ‘terrible.’ Or, you could. In fact that was the only way you could spell it. As Alice dwelled on this failed joke, Michael spoke from the kitchen table. 7,913 more words


[Contrast AU] I would tab that

Random AU drabble I did a while ago. Crossposted from my tumblr account. Non-canon to Contrast.

Title: I would tab that
Rating: G
Warnings: Gay guys checking people out… 1,157 more words

Original Stories

New Year's Dream

The rather small living room was filled with teenagers crowding around the old TV. She knew every face there, whether well or just a little, and She was having the time of her life. 289 more words

OS-Perfidy and Love

Note: This is purely fictional and completely intended for fun. It’s meant to be light-hearted, I hope you all take it the same way! Enjoy.. :) 1,433 more words