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13 Reasons Why the Games Industry Needs to Stop Idolising Anita Sarkeesian

Although self-described feminist pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian has abandoned her Tropes vs Women in Video Games project, she hasn’t stopped exerting her influence over an apparently enthralled games industry. 3,945 more words


Playing the God

I`m not sure what this is. Just wrote this yesterday. 1,143 more words


Some Thoughts on Localisation

Localisation is, it seems, a somewhat thorny issue these days — but it’s one worth discussing.

Before I begin today, I’d like to emphasise that by no means am I attempting to present a “definitive” opinion here. 3,879 more words


Happy Birthday, Asami Imai

Today, March 16, is the birthday of Japanese voice actress Asami Imai, one of the most distinctive, recognisable voices in modern Japanese entertainment.

Since her debut in 1999, she has racked up an impressive number of roles to her name across a variety of different media. 1,194 more words


Something Different

I’ve seen others write in weird and wonderful styles that I love and it is something that I have always wanted to try but never really got round to. 83 more words

Creative Writing

Kizuna Ai: A Perfect Parody

As someone who writes a lot of long-form pieces — and someone who is an old fart — I’ve never quite latched on to the appeal of “YouTubers”. 1,384 more words



I remember that first time I saw you. It was hardly what anyone would call the most ideal of conditions. You were drenched head to toe with the storm just past. 1,622 more words