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I’d always admired him from a distance. He was so courageous, and I… was so not.

The daily commuters mocked him. They rolled their eyes, sometimes openly scoffed, even once or twice kicked his boombox over. 1,317 more words



She viewed the remains of her greatest romance, relived the music, fell into his dance. Perfumed vanilla and mint, a whiff of sorrow adrift in the parlor. 42 more words

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Honey, she whispered in her charcoal voice,

The dog ate another squirrel, there were guts on the porch. Someone cut the brake line of your Ford, and the IRS called, they want to know if that’s your real name. 111 more words

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OS- Love Speaks...

Loving someone doesn’t need a reason. If you can explain why you love someone it’s not called “Love”… it’s called “Like”…

– Darrel H.


‘The number you’re trying to call is currently not reachable.

4,782 more words


There are two sorts of journeys your relationship can take – one, where you start by being strangers and moving on to become a huge part of the other’s life, and second is when it happens in reverse. 3,564 more words



Those songs you whisper to yourself, thinking no one can hear, your lullaby, dear. The rhythm of your hands against the seams, stuck in a dream of fruitless conversation, and mute indignation, and I am here. 70 more words

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One Shots Updated 18

Hello Gorgeous!

It’s been ages, how is everyone? One Shots Main Page just got a little update. Enjoy! ^^

A Midnight Rescue by smitar

Excerpt: “If you don’t let go of me, I will call my family. 705 more words