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Tabletop Role Playing Adventure - One Shot - Chaos at the Casino

Your players have been hired as undercover guards at the casino. You can have various events happen within the casino to draw your players attention, and to keep their focus until sometime into their shift something very strange happens. 263 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Duolingo: A Daily Way to Practice Your Japanese

Many Japanese video game, anime and manga enthusiasts have probably considered learning the native language of their favourite entertainment at some point… but it’s a daunting prospect. 1,128 more words


Why Gal*Gun VR Needs a PSVR Version

We’ve known that Gal*Gun VR has been in development for a while, but Inti Creates surprised everyone yesterday with a sudden worldwide release… but only on Steam, for Vive and Oculus devices. 1,209 more words


Usse Raat

Looking around the small room that she was locked in, Khushi realised there was no way out. The door was locked, there was no way she could leave. 4,372 more words


VR and the Third Coming of Lightgun Shooters

Light-gun shooters are, as you’ll know if you read the Gal*Gun Double Peace coverage from last year, a venerable genre, dating back to the very earliest electronic games. 1,698 more words


Outrun 2006: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Ah, OutRun. The quintessential “Sega blue sky” series… and one that has kind of fallen by the wayside a bit since the expiry of Sega’s license with Ferrari. 1,079 more words


Don't Be Nervous {Kasamatsu Yukio}

Pairing: Kasamatsu x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Your eye twitched at the hand wrapped tightly around your wrist, narrowed eyes sliding up the toned arm to the culprit. 2,155 more words

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