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One-Shot: My Heart Goes All Dheem-Tana

“Only Devi Maiyaa knows what’s wrong with this girl.” Payal muttered exasperatedly to herself. “The phone is ringing for such a long time and look at her, she’s  sitting right beside the phone and not picking it up.” Payal placed her sewing down, feeling rather crossed and entered the room from the verandah. 1,842 more words


The wanderers

These kids, they wander. That’s what they do. Sidewalk to sidewalk, stopping in the middle of the street to fire up their vapes. What the hell is a vape? 505 more words

Indie Author

One-Shot: And I Hug You Back

I kept looking at my bruised knuckles clutching the steering wheel. My face was impassive and I know I looked normal. No one would be able to see the turmoil that was running through my mind. 1,550 more words


A Week of Sorrow

This week has been one of reflection and sadness. For those of us in America, Veterans’ Day is a day to honor those in the Armed Forces; the brave men and women that have put, and continue to put their lives on the line to defend our country. 390 more words


One-Shot: A Father's Instincts

Shashi Gupta was lying on the bed of the out-most room of the house. He was still feeling slight pain in his chest. But the pain was nothing compared to the worry that was fogging his thoughts. 2,531 more words


In dreams

Meager scars still bleed through a sleep of plywood and muddy windows. The blankets and silence keep them hidden.


2. The Vampires Call Me Papi

Let’s be completely honest here: I’m not a nice guy. Not even a decent one, in fact.

All I care about is getting some ass and making money. 2,726 more words