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Dear you: Part V (Finale) - Oneshot

“Mason, I know now why we’re both ‘immortal’ something that can release us both from this. Two words that I have never said to you, two words that I die with, forget and then remember years later as I die.”

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Dear You

Dear you: Part IV - One shot

“To fall in love with an immortal, to know that you’ll never age while I do. It must’ve been painful, yet I can’t remember. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone though though.”

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Dear You

Dear you: Part III - Oneshot

“I’ve lived a long time, more than you realise Darcey. I’m eternally young, forever living the same life, losing the same people over and over.”

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Dear You

Dear you: Part II - Oneshot

“I feel like I’ve known you for years, but yet I can’t remember you. I don’t understand anything that’s going on, but I’m weirdly glad you’re here Mason.”

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Dear You

Feeling Frustrated - Chris POV.

Its a really hot day,  having been on set for all day, and hitting he gym for a few hours after, all i want to do is get home. 515 more words

Captain America

Caravan Fun

Chris is busy on set of civil war, your meant to be home in England, and be flying out in the next 2 weeks to spend his time with Chris. 1,160 more words

Captain America

Shower Time

It was 6am and Chris’ alarm was going off, he got up and sat at the end of the bed, he looked back at you with a  smile, he loved watching you sleep, but contemplated waking you up, rather than getting into the shower, but he left you sleep, stood up and walked into the bathroom…. 292 more words

Captain America