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Ricochet (1991) Review

audiopinions reviews Ricochet from 1991.

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What am I?

Graham awoke abruptly due to a sharp aching in his neck. His eyes fluttered open and his sight began to focus, but his surroundings were completely unfamiliar. 671 more words

Creative Writing

[One Shot] Princes of the Apocalypse: An Overview

Recently, we’ve played the introduction to Princes of the Apocalypse offered for Adventurers’ League play, which amounts to the first three chapters of the full campaign setting. 1,277 more words

Table-Top RPG

in the dead of the night

Tatiana Penvrane was intoxicating.

When she had first met the hazel-eyed brunette, she reminded Chastity of peppermint tea or coffee with too much sugar and cream, not alcohol. 1,496 more words


Cleaning Out The Closet #2 - Superman 3 (1983)

Today I’ve dug up another lost review for your listening enjoyment. This time the movie is Superman 3.

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Goodbye, cruel world!

Dear Bigbang fans, Bigbang, G-Dragon, and YGent.,

Do not take this story, or any of my stories seriously. This was just for fun. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. 940 more words



In the event of my death,
sell my body to the gypsies;
they’ll know what to do.

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