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Finishing bee!

A day of mild celebration!

Yes I sometimes actually finish stuff!

Without Moonlight Shawl (Kal)

Be Simple Scarf 

Untangled #1 / Untangled #2 / Untangled #3… 174 more words

FO Friday

Frustration knitting and Prize winner!

What do you do when you are almost finished a Kal and the yarn comes to the end in your hand?

You knit one or two of these  182 more words

Wip Weds

Suffering from Startitis!

Oh noz! I have itchy palms, itching to start something new! Someone stop me I still have…
– Zuzu’s Petals
– His/Hers Socks
– Cabled Hood with Pockets… 258 more words

One Skein

The scarf that never ends?

“This is the scarf that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Someone started knitting it not knowing what it was, and now they keep on knitting it forever just because…” 165 more words

FO Friday

The Whole Skein and Nothing But the Skein

Am I the only knitter that can’t stand to toss out even the smallest skein of yarn? I can’t count the one or two inch balls of yarn I’ve had left over from a project that I think some day…. 288 more words

Free Pattern

WIPs: Carry Along Projects for February

I have been a member of the Ravelry.com Carry Along Forum since 2012. Each month we make a list of projects and vote for the 3 that everyone likes best. 180 more words

Wip Weds

A Card for Valentine's Day

I made a Valentine’s Card for my lover, and I’m pleased enough with the result that I’d like to share it with you. Since it’s me making it, it’s partially knitted, of course! 631 more words