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200,000 people have HIV in one state, 10K are pregnant women

National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) says a shocking 200,000 persons living in Oyo State, Nigeria are carriers of HIV. 318 more words


Τι αποκαλύπτει το έγγραφο Γκουτέρες και τι διδάσκει το μοντέλο της Ε.Σ.Σ.Δ.

H νέα στρατηγική δεν μπορεί να στηρίζεται στην ομοσπονδία, αλλά στην επανενσωμάτωση των κατεχομένων στην Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία.

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Το άτυπο έγγραφο του Γ.Γ. 11 more words


Also in Media: "The View from Israel: The Inevitable Outcome of the Establishment of Palestine."  March 7, 2017

How about the future political face of Palestine?  In Gaza, Hamas just elected their replacement to Ismael Haniyeh. If you thought that the old face of Hamas was bad, the new face is even worse. 

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Islamic Small Wars

Better One, or Better Two

Last week POTUS had a little press get together with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and made a bit of a uproar when asked if he supported a one-state solution or a two-state solution. 1,150 more words

Trump and Palestine – so what now?

Before Donald Trump’s inauguration, it was a safe bet to assume that his administration’s approach to Israel and the Palestinians would either be one of relative neglect, or serve as a boost to the far-right Israeli nationalists who seek annexation of all or parts of the West Bank. 1,653 more words


The Much-Welcomed Decline of the Two-State Solution

Taken at face value, President Trump’s nonsensical declaration of his IDGAF position on a solution to Israeli apartheid –– “I like the one that both parties like. 742 more words

Trump simply hasn't a clue what he is doing.

With Trump’s ascent to power I felt that I had gone through all of the stages of grief. First came denial, where I confidently assured myself that his ascent to the nomination, and to the Presidency, was impossible. 395 more words