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One Country - A Bold Proposal To End The Israeli-Palestinian Impasse

By Ali Abunimah (2006)

“Crazy!” my Jewish friends and family might say, but this small book (a quick read in two nights) spells out a very strong argument for ending the status quo in Israel-Palestine which few think is good for anyone. 982 more words



[I]s the Two State Solution dead? If it is, it means that the Solution is Dead, period. The idea of taking up instead the One State Solution – i.e., that Jewish Israelis rejecting a Palestinian State on the West Bank would be ready to embrace millions of Palestinians as their new fellow citizens of Israel – completely ignores the most basic realities of Israeli society and politics.

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The cruelty of the Israeli regime.

The BBC and all the other major news agencies manage to keep it quiet.

This is an image of Ibrahim Abu Thuraya. He has been killed by Israeli soldiers during a protest. 282 more words


Dear Israel......

You cannot continue to complain to the world that you were forced from your homes when you systematically demolish the homes of others.  You cannot claim I have no empathy for your historic plight when you shamefully inflict a mirror image of it onto others. 356 more words


200,000 people have HIV in one state, 10K are pregnant women

National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) says a shocking 200,000 persons living in Oyo State, Nigeria are carriers of HIV. 318 more words


Τι αποκαλύπτει το έγγραφο Γκουτέρες και τι διδάσκει το μοντέλο της Ε.Σ.Σ.Δ.

H νέα στρατηγική δεν μπορεί να στηρίζεται στην ομοσπονδία, αλλά στην επανενσωμάτωση των κατεχομένων στην Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία.

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Το άτυπο έγγραφο του Γ.Γ. 11 more words


Also in Media: "The View from Israel: The Inevitable Outcome of the Establishment of Palestine."  March 7, 2017

How about the future political face of Palestine?  In Gaza, Hamas just elected their replacement to Ismael Haniyeh. If you thought that the old face of Hamas was bad, the new face is even worse. 

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Islamic Small Wars