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Throwback Thursday: One thing

Several years ago I heard a Bible Study lesson about the “one thing” verses in the Bible. These verses focus our hearts to the one really important thing… 279 more words

Throwback Thursday

The Seed of the Gospel

Have you ever watched something grow?

You plant a seed, water it, fertilize it, pull weeds around it, and then suddenly a little green shoot begins to break through the soil and push its way into the light. 918 more words

How One Thing Can Make a Difference in your Life

What one thing could you do, which you aren’t doing now, that if you did on a regular basis would make a tremendously positive difference in your personal life? 407 more words


One Thing Needed - Faith

Richard Dawkins, in his book The God Delusion says, “We observe large numbers of people – in many areas it amounts to 100 percent – who hold beliefs that flatly contradict demonstrable scientific facts as well as rival religions followed by others.” 489 more words

Wake up and work

This post would have been longer, but I stayed in bed.  I lay there my mind trapped by my body.  I Thought about getting up I heard both alarms and turned them off.   163 more words


“Taking complete
ownership of your
outcomes by holding
no one but yourself
responsible for them is
the most powerful thing
you can do to drive
your success.”


“Connect today to all your tomorrows. It matters.”