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Beginner to Advance level – Steps to make regression model part 2

In previous article of this series we learned how to calculate values of coefficients, test of slope coefficients and Hypothesis. 440 more words


Employee Turnover

Employee turnover usually refers to all “leavers” of an organization – those who leave voluntarily or involuntarily. It includes those who resign, are made redundant, take retirement, or exit for any other reason. 786 more words


Regression testing in R

T-test and ANOVA, are two parametric statistical techniques used to test the hypothesis. When the population means of only two groups is to be compared, the… 977 more words

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Multiple ANOVA, Post hoc test using R

I have written about how to run the ANOVA test in my previous post Analysis of Variance ANOVA using R. We analyzed the salary difference between different level of education. 808 more words

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Calculating Anova with LibreOffice Calc

I have written about the manual way of calculating one-way anova in One way analysis of variance. We shall use LibreOffice (or MS Excel) to calculate it quickly. 98 more words

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One way analysis of variance

I’d be writing about ANOVA in this post, after my previous post on Skew & kurtosis. ANOVA is a technique to perform statistical intervention on one or more than two populations at same time to analyze the data effectively. 723 more words

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One-Way ANOVA using "afex"

When we looked at a One-way ANOVA, we were using a multi-step process that was somewhat complex to the first time user. The great thing about R – and the fact that it’s open source – is that it can be supported and improved upon by users that see a need. 1,316 more words