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One word to describe their music.


I have no idea why this feels like the right word to describe their music but it just kind of does.


Pity parties, boxing gloves and being an advocate

Remember in January when I saw the geneticist and I was frustrated with more waiting but hopeful because I was finally getting somewhere? She was going to refer me to a cardiologist specializing in the autonomic nervous system to control my autonomic issues and order the tests she needed before making a decision about an Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis. 968 more words

Reddit Picks One Word To Describe Each State. And We Are...


So dumb, but pretty true. Still, what about Breathtaking? Foxy? Stellar? Brilliant? At least… coffee!  Nope, Rain. Oh well. 87 more words


The Ache

There are days I wake up, and I ache.

Not a sore muscle ache like I get from yoga.

Not a body ache like when I know I am getting sick. 217 more words

Life clutter, Lent clutter

clutter n: a large amount of things that are not arranged in a neat or orderly way : a crowded or disordered collection of things… 1,012 more words


Discipline is not Perfection, but Development


I start today off with this word because it has been ringing in my ears for a while now. My mom handed me a book called One Word. 1,171 more words

2 Corinthians 9:7