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One Word | Practice [Hospitality]

I’m going to bet that depending on your season of life, most of us have some thing that holds us back from opening the doors of our homes more frequently, in terms of hospitality. 1,034 more words

One Word

Weeks Worth of One Words. In Whyme.

via Daily Prompt: Cloaked

I have noticed that I have been so busy not writing this week that I have neglected all of this week’s Daily One Word Prompts. 126 more words



lake (lāk) noun

a large body of water surrounded by land.

In response to JNW’s One Word: Lake.

Photo Challenges

What one word describes your sex drive?

So after my post yesterday and thinking about why we (I) have sex, I felt really shocked when I realised my reasons for having sex- basically only doing it because its whats expected of me. 191 more words


Making modified popular with the letters G & M

via Daily Prompt: Popular

Some of my insightful thoughts and ideas come to me when I am in that interesting world of just waking up and half asleep in the morning, normally around 7am. 913 more words


Describe Your Day In One Word (#1)


If I had only one word to use I would use that. Work started off slow for most of the day, and then by 3:00 p.m. 38 more words


One Word: Freedom

Apparently yesterday was UK National Poetry Day…

Here is a piece I already had lined up and which corresponds to the theme…!