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Finding my Hinds Feet - The Shore of Decision

I am sitting at a writing desk right now in a little closet office adjoining the guest room I am occupying for nearly two weeks. I’ve been here for three nights already and it’s only just starting to feel real. 639 more words

What God's Saying


Is it August already?!?! Where have the days gone?  I don’t know about you but I am horrible at keeping my new years resolutions!  Why?  Because I am one of those people who either creates overly analyzed, fantasized goals or I set goals that don’t motivate me to keep them. 592 more words



The room’s interior was completely covered in spider-web ice and slowly, he sank into it. It could have been mere minutes since they threw him in that room, but it felt like days had flown by. 200 more words



Late, late, late.

Jennifer scrambled over the steps of the crumbling building, eyes fixed on the tower’s balcony. Even from where she was, she could hear the metal clanging against metal and felt the blood on her hands. 122 more words



Soon. One word. ‘Soon’.

Why was this four-letter word at the top of the page with a text box beneath it? I didn’t know. No one did. 81 more words


One Word Adventures

Some shorts I wrote on oneword.com where they give a daily word and we have to write about it in a minute. It’s pretty good :) However, I had missed some days before so I couldn’t post them there (I’m Yanny there). 24 more words


#SoCS August 22/15 - “mind"

Looks like most of us were posting simultaneously – great minds think alike! Bear in mind that today is Saturday and we should all enjoy our weekend. 188 more words