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Freshman year of college made me overly conscious of the word “home.” I consciously said I was going back to my dorm, or my room. When I did say “home” by mistake, my friends looked at me, puzzled. 728 more words

Collegiate Musings

L1: Month One

Ooh child, things are gonna get easier

We sing the song over and over again. Those five stair steps; we barely know the words, but we’re learning together… 947 more words

Baby Wastell: L1


For 2015, I chose to focus on one word: enjoy.  That one word guides my prayer life, daily activities, attitude and goals.  It’s a good word for me because I tend to be super responsible, overly serious and in the last few years, a bit of a worrier.  125 more words

Daydreamer Challenge Day 2 - One Me, 1 Word

The challenge…here

One word, one me
I think that is what would describe me to a tee! I always try to look on the bright side of life… I like to think the glass of life is half full, rather than empty! 18 more words


One Word

All we need is one word from the Lord and our situations will turn around. It’s good to be able to talk to a friend about what’s going on in our lives, but it’s better to have a word from the Lord. 208 more words

Hope is Him...

The fact that I wrote about hope last year, on this Saturday – the in-between day – and that God is prompting the same topic on this Saturday – the in-between day – a year later shouldn’t surprise me. 567 more words

One Word To Describe Your Platform

What one word can be used to describe your blog, website or a page on your digital platform?

It should be a goal for you to come up with ways where visitors can associate one word with your platform. 34 more words

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