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Recently I was listening to the Quran, and the verse that I heard, made goosebumps rise upon my arms. Did I hear that right? 238 more words


Social Media is a time suck

Got your attention, didn’t I?  I had a friend that posted the following on Facebook this morning:

If all people claiming to be followers of Christ read their bible even half as much as they read Facebook….what goes in must come out…

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Daylight savings time

Today is the start of daylight savings time.  I’m so sleepy today.  But not as much as Dale.  He spent all night working on computer changes for his company.  335 more words


This week’s one word prompt is Voice. As always, I’d love to see what you come up with, so feel free to share!



I feel like I live most of my days in a constant whirlwind.  I didn’t post on Thursday, because Dale and I spent all day together, side-by-side.  410 more words


The return of One Week Whymes

Daily Post: Wonder (and others)

Bryntin gets a lot of letters (no he doesn’t… no one really gets a lot of letters these days. If a blog piece starts with ‘I get a lot of letters about…’ it’s a good sign that the writer has no real imagination and didn’t know how else to start his post) asking him about the good old days when he used to try to make a poem out of a weeks worth of the WordPress Daily Post One Word Prompts. 141 more words

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