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As my summer days begin to dwindle and my impending departure from my home state creeps closer and closer, I’ve decided to make it my mission to make sure that I nurture the friendships that still ground me here and also make me less stir-crazy from being in my 4-walled home. 666 more words


#1 Flash Non-fiction

The slower pace

Time is the most important teacher in life.It teaches us almost every thing. With time, we grow from an infant to adult. We get to learn about life with every passage of second. 56 more words

One Word No. 18

Beach – The sand, the sea and the sun reminds me of you.

One Word


You know when you look at a word for so long that you wonder if it’s actually a word anymore? And then your brain starts to devolve and you wonder if words are even made of letters and if so, have you drawn the letters in the right way and do you even know what a letter looks like anymore?? 14 more words


San Francisco is a Mixed Salad

Yurina, Japan

If I explain about San Francisco, I would describe San Francisco as a mixed salad. I have been in San Francisco for about 3months and I am feeling that here there are many things mixed like a salad with various vegetables. 278 more words


Me, Myself, and I

I more often than not come across as a surprise to most people. They seem to think that, because I am very open with myself and to others, they know everything they need to know about me. 393 more words


One word 

  • Hi.
  • Rooster
  • Baseball
  • Ginger
  • Hurt
  • Leaving

We have been in a holding pattern since 11am.

At 11 it started raining, which put an end to skate boarding, since the concrete needs to be dry. 72 more words