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Putin Leads BRICS Uprising

Putin Leads BRICS Uprising.

Mike Whitney

There’s been a virtual blackout of news from this year’s seventh annual BRICS summit in Ufa, Russia.  None of the mainstream media organizations are covering the meetings or making any attempt to explain what’s going on.  1,046 more words


fsociety Trojan Horse

Hello Friend,

If you have come, you have come for a reason. Let me tell you why you are here tumbling down the rabbit hole. You may not be able to explain what it is yet, but there is a part of you that’s exhausted with this world… a world that decides where you work, who you see, and how you empty and fill your depressing bank account. 72 more words


Lawmakers Unveil Secretly Negotiated Deal To Fast-Track Free Trade

  • Congress’ tax committees announced an agreement Thursday to speed through a bill to give President Barack Obama the fast-track authority that he will need to push mammoth new trade deals through Congress.
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One World Currency - Not Arriving Voluntarily / Armstrong Economics

New post on Armstrong Economics

The One-World Currency – Not Arriving Voluntarily
by Martin Armstrong
QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, do you believe there is a conspiracy to create a one world currency to which the central banks ascribe to? 72 more words

Global "Digital" Currency coming to a central bank near you...

Two key headlines that have cleared recently regarding the US Dollar and end times prophecy.  China and Russia have agreed to do business in their own currencies as opposed to US Dollars.  521 more words

End Times Prophecy