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The most powerful couple in world history would equal disaster for U.S.A.: Hillary and Bill Clinton

Hillary and Bill Clinton will become the most powerful couple in the history of the world if she’s elected the next U.S. President.*

But that power couple is beholden to corporations and foreign governments et al. 757 more words

2016 Election

Coming very soon!!! War, famine...


World war

A world war nears as tensions continue to rise. The failing economies and the Middle East tensions will boil over. Both sides of this war are funded by the same elite group who are seeking population reduction. 305 more words


Notable Events In The War On Cash

A brief summary of notable events in the War on Cash:

  • January 20: Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan predicted cash won’t exist in 10 years.
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Conspiracy Theroies = Bad Science Fiction

  • Okay, so I write science fiction. I try to come up with fantastic yet plausible futures to say something insightful or funny about the human condition.

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Clayton J. Callahan