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Hello Friend,

If you have come, you have come for a reason. Let me tell you why you are here tumbling down the rabbit hole. You may not be able to explain what it is yet, but there is a part of you that’s exhausted with this world… a world that decides where you work, who you see, and how you empty and fill your depressing bank account. 72 more words


The Cashless (Wet) Dream of Visa

Welcome to the Machine!

As if the concept wasn’t alarming enough, it’s strange to see the idea of being herded and behaving like robots is celebrated in this commercial.

Lawmakers Unveil Secretly Negotiated Deal To Fast-Track Free Trade

  • Congress’ tax committees announced an agreement Thursday to speed through a bill to give President Barack Obama the fast-track authority that he will need to push mammoth new trade deals through Congress.
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Rise Of The One World Currency; Oil-Rich Nations Are Selling Off Their Petrodollar Assets At Record Pace

In the heady days of the commodity boom, oil-rich nations accumulated billions of dollars in reserves they invested in U.S. debt and other securities. They also occasionally bought trophy assets, such as Manhattan skyscrapers, luxury homes in London or Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. 893 more words

New World Order

One World Currency - Not Arriving Voluntarily / Armstrong Economics

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The One-World Currency – Not Arriving Voluntarily
by Martin Armstrong
QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, do you believe there is a conspiracy to create a one world currency to which the central banks ascribe to? 72 more words