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Obama Legacy


I hear, ad nauseum, how Obama “has created 15 MILLION jobs” during his tenure. It comes up in EVERY conversation about his legacy, his greatness, his savvy, his god-like brilliance. 246 more words

DAY 4 "A great Christmas ADVENTure!"

4th December 2016 DAY 4

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The Birth of Jesus

At the time of the 1st Advent and birth of Jesus there was massive people movement because of the Roman occupation and Augustus wanting to take a census of the Jews,   505 more words

Jabez's Prayer

Signs of the Times (12/3/16)

French Government Votes to Ban Pro-Life Websites

The socialist government of France passed a bill after one day’s debate that criminalizes websites that might dissuade women from abortion, reports LifeSiteNews.com. 3,776 more words

Signs Of The Times

The Plan - How the Bug Out War started: Chapter 12 - A Toast. This is the final chapter.

**Chapter 12 – A Toast

“Mr. President, we’re arriving in ten minutes,” the pilot said over the intercom.

“Good,” Simpson said to Blake. He got out of his chair and looked out the window of Airforce One. 1,148 more words


Egypt Shuns Washington; Supports Russia-Backed Coalition In Syria

“In broad terms, the teaming up of large countries indicates that a regional anti-terrorism entity or even a military block independent from the US might emerge at some point in future.” 1,029 more words

Signs Of The Times

Mark Hamill Verbally Attacks Working Americans

Luke Hamil, reckless you are. “Once you start down the path, forever it will dominate your destiny, consume you it will.”

Honorable award, had you, with diaper pin it is replaced. 33 more words