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Can Your Presidential Candidate Fix the Economy?

Stolen Jobs, Stolen Future

Stagnating wages, American job losses to overseas workers, underemployment and inequality have all been front-and-center issues for both Democrats and Republicans in this year’s presidential election. 1,987 more words


Signs of the Times (9/28/16)

FBI Director Warns of Upcoming Massive “Terrorist Diaspora”

FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday that even though he is convinced that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria will be destroyed soon, that will not be the end of it. 3,688 more words

Signs Of The Times

Hillary Hype and Hoaxer

She started College reasonably “Conservative,” soon becoming somewhat Socialist. She left as a Saul Alinsky Radical, and she’s never looked back. She’s a 100% Anti-American Communist and is dedicated to Destroying EVERYTHING America Stands for. 57 more words


Were Hillary's health issues a surprise to the NWO?

The more troubling question than whether or not she can endure the debate tonight

9/26/16 – The question no one is asking.  All the new media news outlets have been chattering endlessly about Hillary’s “surprising” health decline and that the DNC and the NWO are “scrambling” in a “panic” because of it. 

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Signs of the Times (9/24/16)

President Obama Calls for One-World Government

Only by submitting to a one-world-style government can the countries of the world effectively fight terror, Barack Obama warned during a speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week. 3,308 more words

Signs Of The Times

Barack Obama (Nigger): America Must Surrender Sovereignty, Embrace One World Government

by Kurt Nimmo of Another Day in the Empire

Earlier this week Barack Obama delivered his final United Nations speech.

In addition to praising the bankster loan shark operations run out of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Obama called for “global integration,” code for a one-world government. 710 more words

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