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No Words. 

Laughter. Sadness. Joy. Pain. Love. No language barrier exists among these things. No words are needed.

As I sit here listening to the laughter and love that radiates from the building to my right, I am overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord. 164 more words


Book of the Week

Title: Rip Van Winkle and other stories
Author: Washington Irving

First published in 1819, Rip Van Winkle is a story about a man who fell asleep for many years and woke up to find the world had changed. 840 more words


It is One World

It required decades of international campaigning against global warming to force “the world’s leaders” to agree, tentatively, not to burn the earth. It is not a small achievement, if we remember their main project till recently was to amass the destructive power to make sure that nobody will survive a nuclear war. 686 more words

The Meursault Investigation by Kamel Daoud

The Meursault investigation by kamel daoud

Algerian fiction

Original title – : Meursault, contre-enquête

Translator – John Cullen

Source – personnel copy (books for Syria from waterstones ) 766 more words


We were born to see others
with the same color of blood as we have,

okay different skin colors from ours,
but all needing the same oxygen to stay alive, 75 more words


A Game of Blindsides: Audience, Player or Both?

Everybody loves a good #Blindside and they’re frequently the highlight of a Survivor episode when at tribal all the planning and plotting either comes together or falls apart spectacularly as the votes are read. 1,938 more words