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World Gone Social

In this 21st Century the most notable attribute is that the world has gone social. With the internet, people from all corners of this earth can talk to each other instantly, play video games together, invest in other countries stock, bonds and investments, join in on global efforts and communicate like never before and within seconds! 1,690 more words



Kindness should be extended to all human beings, irrespective of their caste, color or creed. One should strive to acquire the morals of God who extends His benevolence and kindness to his entire creation. 26 more words


Peace & Harmony

You are the imperishable harmony
that reaps
unparalleled prosperity.
From the chalice of your love
I long painfully to sip
the invigorating wine
of fruitful returns. 186 more words


My only one

 I know you may not know it now but one day all will change, you will see the world trough somebody else eyes and believe me it`s more beautiful than you have ever imagined it, it^s colorful and peaceful, the sky has its bluest color that at first will blind you out but then you will see it, it^s the most peaceful thing, and your heart will shake and the ground will feel more secure and you will feel more confident and beautiful, you will love but most important you will learn to see yourself with somebody’s else eyes and you will learn to love yourself not because you are the world standard for beauty but because you as a person you mean everything for another human and he/she loves you the way you are and believe me in those eyes you are, you simply are the most beautiful thing on earth… my butterfly


Survivor Oz Top 10 -Top 10 Reasons to Appreciate Modern Survivor

From a certain section of the Survivor fan community, modern seasons get a bad rap. In many cases, this is deserved and in fact I covered the issue in the article… 3,110 more words


Choosing an Alliance: Why I'm Sticking with Star Alliance

Choosing an alliance and sticking with it is one of the best, and fastest, ways of racking up loyalty points. With those points , you can redeem them for discounted and/or free flights! 543 more words



I want a place of peace, and I want people here for enlightenment, hope, and happiness. This is a mutual meeting place for all walks of life. 38 more words