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Neighborly Tamale Love 

Our neighbor who works in the boat yard came by this morning bringing with him ten home made warm tamales. His wife’s speciality he says. He told us that he sees us working so hard everyday and thought we might need some home cooked love. 40 more words

Political Yogurt

I like yogurt. I eat it a lot. It’s delicious, versatile, a good source of protein and, bonus, good for my tummy as it’s loaded with pro-biotics. 913 more words

Is there a 'right way' to think and live?

Although China has had many violent periods in its history, there have not been wars fought in the names of the different belief systems that we have studied. 681 more words

Buddhism and the 'middle way'

As the next part of our lessons on ways of thinking and living in China, we discussed Buddhist ideas about seeking a ‘middle way’ of living that is in harmony with the world and causes no harm – a way of living that also seeks to avoid greed and selfishness that might arise from thinking we are more important than everybody else. 618 more words

Sharing our learning...

Ask any member of year 3 for some interesting facts about European countries and they will be able to reel some off after each group became specialists on a particular country they then shared their learning with the rest of the year group.

One World

Malaysia Airlines Enrich Silver!

“Finally it arrived in the mail!”

Early this year, I received a letter from Malaysia Airlines (MH) with my new Silver Status Enrich Card in it. 1,217 more words



One System
One Economy
One Religion
One World
People United

This isn’t peace
This is the beginning of the end
Till the new beginning… 62 more words

Love Journals (Poetry)