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My open letter to Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

Dear Rahm, 


In the many days prior to this, I have spoken to you though a chosen method of public disclose such a media. As the President of my organization and the local leader of S.C.L.C -Freedom First International which has numerous affiliated organizations throughout the country.-I would hope that you would accommodate any suggestions offered purely as a means to provide help, for the suffering and oppressed in our community. 546 more words


Sometimes I think I read too much. Whether I’m on my phone, laptop or iPad, I am always looking to gain knowledge about something. I’ve often been told to tone it down and relax, go for a walk or simply zone out; I’ve done this on occasion and usually try to fit in some well-earned R&R in my schedule, but with work and marriage, I’m finding it increasingly harder. 1,034 more words

For Immediate Release: Chicago Activist and Civil Rights Leadership will stand and rally after police fatally shot 19 year old African American in the back

For Immediate Release: Chicago Activist and Civil Rights Leadership will stand and rally after police fatally shot 19 year old African American in the back… 668 more words

The Airline Power Rankings: Nov 2016.

An entirely subjective, completely biased rankings of the top 5 and worst 5 airlines to fly with. (Based on personal experience.) Updated as and when I see fit. 33 more words

One World

Shorts and the last laugh.

When? January 2015. Where? Indianapolis, USA. Who? Me.

The ongoing battle, when your work only pays economy, is retaining status.

I had status on One World at this time, and I was flying from Colombia – where I’d spent the Christmas break (on a beach, eating buckets of oysters) – to Indianapolis for a conference. 181 more words


The War on Drugs is the new Spanish Inquisition

(This article is also available en Español)

In the 15th century the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile were busy establishing their rule over re-united Spain, subordinating and ethnically cleansing Muslims and Jews, and starting an Empire that soon expanded over much of the newly invaded American continents. 791 more words

Shadow Boxes

Evening falls
across the world
leaving lighted squares
in a supermoon’s wake
framing shifting shapes
human fish floating
in aquarium rooms
until the tides recede… 14 more words