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'Global warming' takes hit in 'Climate Hustle'

Decades ago, scientists warned that the Earth’s average temperatures were rising, polar ice fields were shrinking and the very survival of the planet was at stake. 451 more words


Sunday morning magic

Please take 2 minutes to watch this and allow it to transform your day.


Saturday morning motivation

I wanted to share this video, as the message really struck home.

I hope you have a loved filled day.

Jon 15 more words

Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Individual Immunity Come From Behind Victories

While some individual immunity challenge wins feel like they’re already in the bag before the challenge is even contested, others prove to be a whole lot more suspenseful. 1,889 more words


Planting Seeds

A mighty jungle
An ancient forest
That fruitful Orchard
All of these things we need
Be it air, beauty or to feed
And all start… 136 more words

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Outrage As Obama In Germany Calls For Borderless Globalization Of All Europe

“People are unsettled by globalisation,” Obama said. “The benefits often times are diffused. People visibly see a plant moving and jobs lost and the narrative develops that this is weakening rather than strengthening the position of ordinary people and ordinary workers.” 113 more words