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6TM family stories

Continuing our study of emigration to the UK from the Caribbean in the years following the Second World War, we looked on Friday more broadly at movement of people around the world, starting right back when our earliest ancestors, the first Homo sapiens, migrated out of Africa 100,000 years ago.   263 more words

Talking about Catalan Independence

As if the world was lacking problems, with hurricanes and Trump and wars in the Middle East, we had two “new” topics to think about. 2,951 more words


Leaving Jamaica for England

Please take time to read this powerful and moving piece of family history, researched and written by Nasir.  It is about a great, great uncle who emigrated to the UK from the Caribbean in the same year as The Empire Windrush arrived in Tilbury.    414 more words

Towards a peaceful existence

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In celebration of the 2017 International Peace Day on 21st September 2017 which coincided with the 72nd United Nations General Assembly meeting. 1,026 more words

Community Development

6TM around the world

Thanks for all the information about where our immediate families have lived and worked around the world over the last couple of generations (please keep the histories and stories coming).  20 more words

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Daily Kind Quotes

One World: 6AF Family Stories - Jackson

Thank you so much to Jackson and his Mum for being our first 6AF guest bloggers! This week we are extending our learning from our Windrush project to relate it to movement across the globe more generally (as part of our One World project, so it is wonderful to hear your family stories. 516 more words