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The start of a beautiful 365 days

Let’s start by saying I’ve always been a bit overweight. In addition to being on medication that caused weight gain for about eight years, I just have no self control when it comes to food. 358 more words

Don't Quit Sugar

English Breakfast

I talk a lot about how no one should put more than 2 sugars in their hot beverages. I suppose an explanation is in order. 705 more words


Better than Sydney

Melbourne Breakfast

Ah, Melbourne. The city voted ‘Better than Sydney’ by 100% of people raised in Melbourne. The San Francisco/New York/Paris/London/Prague/Milan of Australia. A place so good, you definitely will never be good enough for it. 730 more words


Memory Lapse

Lung Ching Classic

I knew this would happen. I knew there would come a tea for which I scribbled down some hasty notes, with all good intentions of drafting up a post about it very soon after, and then forgetting to. 452 more words


The Boss Boss

Apple Crumble

This is the story about the best boss I have ever had. I’ve had more jobs than I would probably like to admit, mostly due to the number of years I was a student (and to be honest, I’m probably not done being a student, but motherhood is a great reason for a hiatus). 734 more words


Spaghetti Arms


I understand it’s quite fashionable to talk about one’s mental health problems. I’m all for fighting the stigma around mental health, but part of the issue with talking about mental health like we talk about physical health is that is removes most of the nuance surrounding mental health conditions. 890 more words


Greatness Brewing

Good Morning

Yuck, thought the cup of tea, I hate seeing yawning uvulas.

The black brew sat in the mug, steaming quietly. It was a wonderful brew. 598 more words