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I hate other people, but not myself!

I have been trying so dang hard to fix myself. To be “better today than I was yesterday” (that use to be a slogan of mine). 358 more words


I want to kick some ass

Today is Day 7 of my One Year Challenge.

What’s this challenge?

Its basically to work my ass off for a year to:

  1. Get thin and healthy!
  2. 323 more words

Today is the Day: I Don't Want to Eat Sugar

I never thought this day would come, but it did. And I don’t think it will ever happen again.
Today I was in baking school and we were baking ( 184 more words


Today is the Day: I Sleep in the Afternoon

…Because we all know that sleeping at night is highly overrated! I mean who does that? Because I don’t, and I’m a cool person, right. RIGHT!?!? 207 more words


Today is the Day: When Family is Important

My family is big and loud. When we all get together we can fill a bus(and that’s just the mother’s side…). Our family covers all generations from newborns (my newest cousin was born one day before my birthday. 230 more words


Today Is the Day: I'm not a Good Company

That’s probably putting it lightly…
For the past few days I’m a constant pain the the bee-hind and I can’t help myself when I think about things at night that I don’t have to be. 107 more words


Yesterday was the Day: History Repeated Itself

Remember how a while ago I wrote a post about how I wanted to write something in the evening, but ended up falling a sleep instead? 132 more words