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Nerf Guns

Green Rose

This is the story of how I became friends with one of my best friends.

While I was studying, I moved into a house with 9 other people in it. 480 more words



Sencha Peach

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back fore season 5 today. I’m pretty happy. I don’t always get behind the Saturday Night Live offshoots, but this one has captured my attention. 250 more words


Kill the Rabbit


Some movies stand out in my mind as great, not because of much to do with the move itself, but because it became a family favourite. 446 more words


Oui Oui

French Earl Grey

The French have had many things attributed to them, that I daresay they have absolutely no idea about:

  1. French fries (definitely not French)
  2. 312 more words


Hot Date Chai

I am prepared to admit that I like some really dodgy television programs. There’s just certain types of reality tv trash that seems to hook me in. 461 more words



Gone Surfing

I was a fairly bold person in my late teens and early 20s. I seem to have mellowed with age. I used to think there was very little that could frighten me, but I’m more honest now. 414 more words



Go Go Goa

I’ve only seen a goanna in the wild a handful of times, but I tell you what, those vicious, leg snakes are formidable. 309 more words