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We Swam Wing Lake In Honor Of Katie!

On two of Katie’s birthdays at Wing Lake, her 42nd and 43rd, she swam across the lake by herself, a mile round trip.  She loved swimming and would do so for hours at the gym too.  548 more words

Tribute To Katie

Legacy of OME14: road trip time!

I don’t particularly like Branson, Missouri as a town, but I just went out of my way to road trip there.  It wasn’t for the place, but for the people: 560 more words


One Year Later.

Today marks my one year anniversary in New York. To be honest, in a lot of ways I didn’t think this day would come. Not in some awful horrible thing would happen preventing me from getting to this day kind of thing, but more like in those first few months when I struggled to find a job and was running low on savings the prospect of having to pack it all in and head back to either Las Vegas or to live on my friends couch in Philadelphia seemed just as real of a possibility as it was my greatest fear. 1,468 more words


One Year Later... 

Facebook was kind enough to remind me this morning that I changed my profile picture a year ago today.

This picture was taken less than an hour after we got the first positive pregnancy test. 419 more words

Join Us In Honoring Katie Today!

Please join us in the Jewish Tradition of Yahrzeit, where the one year anniversary of a loved one’s passing is remembered.  Photos and memories are on the… 81 more words

Tribute To Katie

Don't forget to send us pictures tomorrow, and this week!

Just a quick reminder – we are celebrating Katie’s life tomorrow as it is the one year anniversary and in the Jewish tradition of Yahrzeit, we’ll light a special candle that burns for 24 or 26 hours, tonight at midnight.  155 more words

Tribute To Katie