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Oh Thunderbolt...

Baru saja rencana rilis mini seri Gundam Thunderbolt tersebar, eh bocoran episode pertamanya sudah menyebar. Yang paling menyenangkan adalah tokoh Feddies kali ini adalah seorang war junkie. 7 more words


Half a Suit - Needs the Pants!

Some of the early Gundam designs aren’t exactly practical or believable, even in a Mobile Suit-centric world. One example of this is the RX-75 Guntank, which is very difficult to take seriously. 56 more words

HG Gouf

With the Delta plus on hiatus, i took the chance to complete my gouf which also took very long to complete, close to 1 and a half months i think :/  Anyways, lotsa shit happened and i sure as hell am not 100% satisfied with my work this time. 31 more words


Super HCM-Pro: RX-78-2 Gundam

I got this recently, despite it being released way back in 2007. And whilst I own numerous 1/200 scale HCM-Pro figures, this is the first ‘Super HCM-Pro’ I own, which comes to life in a larger 1/144 scale. 187 more words


Gundam The Origin anime announcement leaked!

According to a leak of the latest issue of Gundam Ace there was a long interview with Yasuhiko san and Sunrise’s President Uchida san and they discussed about the end of the novel and talks about the new anime series. 133 more words


Gundam AGE revealed!

Earlier I posted the leaked images of Gundam AGE, now you can see the official image of Gundam AGE and more! 620 more words


New Gundam Series: Gundam AGE

The new Gundam series have been announced! It is called Gundam AGE! Want to know more? Read on. 212 more words