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De-motivators - Why they need to go

Disclaimer: I am not successful. I do not want to appear as if I’m teaching others, because in reality it’s me that’s learning.

So I’m like you. 276 more words


No Returns

live for now

one ride

one chance

seize it

it’s all we have

no return ticket

just a one-way trip

straight over the horizon


and begone

© 2017 michael d Emmerich

The Nexus

One Life To Live!...

There is a popular saying in Yoruba “Nikan Kan aye” which means we only have one life to live. If there is anything I love about the yoruba ; it’s the fact that they know how to live and enjoy life. 494 more words


Do you know whats really frustrating? Life, Life is frustrating.

I feel that I am not living to my true potential. I have no clue what my potential is, tho everyone says that i’m full of the stuff. 645 more words


Identifying Your OneLife

Once you have completed the 3D1 training, it is time for you to identify your OneLife. This is the person that God has lead you to. 125 more words


One life. One book

I am a bookworm. All my life I kept on collecting non-fiction books, they are fuel for my brain, mood, soul. They fulfil my need of guidance as I don’t trust humans easily                 ( humans around me) &  I don’t take advice from mediocre humans ( give me legends) so books are my heart and brain. 1,172 more words


Sweet, Spicy, Tangy- Life

via Daily Prompt: Spicy

Today’s prompt was spicy. Here’s my take on it.

I have a story for you today,

One that’s sweet and a little spicy too, 219 more words