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One life. One book

I am a bookworm. All my life I kept on collecting non-fiction books, they are fuel for my brain, mood, soul. They fulfil my need of guidance as I don’t trust humans easily                 ( humans around me) &  I don’t take advice from mediocre humans ( give me legends) so books are my heart and brain. 1,172 more words


Sweet, Spicy, Tangy- Life

via Daily Prompt: Spicy

Today’s prompt was spicy. Here’s my take on it.

I have a story for you today,

One that’s sweet and a little spicy too, 219 more words


Emergency procedures: Do you know what to do in case of...? Part 11 – Burns

What are burns?

Burns are damage to the skin or injuries caused due to fire, chemicals, extreme dry heat, electricity, or the sun. Wounds sustained by boiling water, steam etc are called scalds. 311 more words


Qualities of a Caregiver

Who are caregivers and what do they do?

Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. They could be a family member taking care of his/her loved one or could be professional caregivers providing quality medical care. 340 more words


Visioneering the future

As human beings we all possess some serious inner strength and creativity.

You have to see that moment, and feel it. I’m serious like you have to really vibe with it. 143 more words

What you need to know about taking medicines?

What is medication adherence?

Medical adherence means taking medicines as prescribed by the health care practitioner. This includes buying the right medicine, taking them on time and proper understanding of how and when to take them. 441 more words


Chronic Kidney Disease Diet

Your kidneys are an integral part of the waste management system of your body. If you are a person with chronic kidney disease (CKD), in all probability, your kidneys are not functioning optimally. 348 more words