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Bowie, Loose Ends, and Liberating Yourself

A week or so ago, my husband and I were discussing David Bowie. This was prior to his death, and linked to his 69th birthday, his new album release, and because we are fans of the film, The Prestige. 456 more words

4 hour work week

I’m currently reading this book…

It’s given me a whole new idea for an approach towards “work”.

Imagine working only 4 hours a week and still being able to live as you do now? 148 more words



Why i am i all ways one to say sorry

Why is it never about my story 

Why all ways her story has a happy ending  67 more words


It’s time to be happy…
let’s just enjoy this movement..
Instead of wasting time …
let’s get in and just”do it”..
It’s time to be happy every second counts.. 50 more words


People are fake…
IDs which they randomly make…
You give your heart to them..
And they still don’t tend to care…
They keep on faking their love.. 45 more words


When you said I will come and you did not…
I was standing in the raid with no response
My tears were fading in that heavy rain… 78 more words

When you are DEAD - Don't leave the dilemma behind for the one's who depend on you!!!!

No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it.

As people are turning all technical and handling everything in a gizmo-freak world through gadgets, it has become a trend to keep data, to-do-list, e-bills, important logins and passwords, etc documented in their laptops or mobiles which in turn are also protected through the passwords. 754 more words