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Exercises to avoid Back Pain

As one ages, the wear and tear of our body over the years starts becoming more apparent. We start feeling all the pains connected with the process of ageing. 477 more words


Incidence of Cerebrovascular Disease in the elderly

Cerebrovascular means relating to the brain and its blood vessels. The brain needs the constant supply of oxygen and nutrients rendered by the blood. If the circulation of the blood is interrupted in any manner the cells in the brain begin to die leading to irreversible damage to the brain, and possibly death. 366 more words


"Cause a winner don't quit on themselves"

Understanding is a key. When you get to understand, you feel in control. You become powerful. From that sloppy-moaning-bitch you build a new YOU. So new sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with your novelty, freshness. 175 more words


Five things you need to look for when an elderly person falls

Falls are unsettling for the elderly. There is always that risk of physical injury along with the risk of loss of self-confidence, following a fall. Hence, it is important for the care-givers to not panic on such occasions and give the elderly the assurance they need to stand up on their own two feet. 383 more words


High Blood Pressure - Hypertension in Senior Management Professionals

My father managed his business on his own up until he turned 65. He led a stressful and sedentary lifestyle. He went to work on his two-wheeler, came back home the same way and flopped in front of the television which was his only stress-buster. 412 more words


Fall Prevention

It is not uncommon to hear of elderly people injuring themselves due to falls. Unluckily for them, the risk of falling increases with age. A fall for an elderly has many repercussions- both physical and mental. 333 more words


Diet and nutrition for the elderly - Part 1

Eating healthy is an important part of being healthy. For seniors, it is all the more important. With age their immunity becomes weaker and thus they become vulnerable to all kinds of diseases from the common cold to pneumonia. 365 more words