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One Heart Fire 10

Day Ten

Yogi Bhajan said, “We meditate so that our minds can be sharp and alert.  We chant mantras so that our souls may ignite like candles.  132 more words



Stress is nothing to stress about. But life is. Our survival is at stake, and that isn’t a fact to face with nonchalance. The epitome of nature is the pursuit of perpetuity, and a little runaround is a small price to pay for one more breath of life. 213 more words

Observe. Listen. Feel. Connect.

Observe. Listen. Feel. Connect. Be still. Be silent. Be open.

These are some of the messages I’ve received when I would feel things begin to spin around me and I cannot find my bearings. 220 more words


Beyond Human

Imagine that you are an alien spirit whose mission it is to inhabit the body of a human being over the course of its lifetime. The catch is that you exist only in presence—you have no sovereignty over the body or mind in which you have taken up residence. 136 more words

The Deeper Vows Blossoming Forth From The Everlasting Light of Love ~ By Antiera-Jessibiah

In the northern hemisphere, in a month’s time we will be flowing into the season of Summer when the Light of the Sun is at it’s strongest and most potent time as its rays penetrate the earth providing a deeper nourishment for all of life. 358 more words

Holy Agape Marriage