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I give thanks for the many elements of the Universe.

I love the rays of the sun beaming down on the planet. It gives the force of life through its rays of nourishment. 278 more words

Daily IN-spiration

The Oneness

A feeling of peace and Oneness surrounds me. I am intertwining this power with my current state of consciousness and see the particles that come together to make this reality. 107 more words

Mind Of Something Greater

What is Love? per Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira is a very wise man, among many. Let his words sink in deep.

“Love is the recognition that we share our Being.”



So many umastered


that dwell in my messed up head,

need not to be drafted,

or mastered; not yet.

For I, myself, dwell somewhere, 96 more words

A Classical Error: Correcting Ethnicity and Racism.

Once there was a skilled piano master who had a keen student. Before he died, he made a recording for his student, a classical masterpiece he wrote, but he made some slight errors in the recording itself. 281 more words

Thought for Nov 16...

“We are included in the universal Spirit and its great Power surges through us.”  (“Daily Studies in Divine Science,” 2010)

Daily Thought

You are my Himalaya

You are a mountain, you are my Himalaya

I trek around your base camps and try to acclimatise to this much intense beauty.

One day, I will make an attempt at the summit. 14 more words

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