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Even spiritual arguing allowed

The mind is an amazing computer, is it not?  It sorts, categorizes, discriminates, reminds, organizes.  It scans the environment for pertinent information and assists us daily in making decisions, deciding directions and determining options.  942 more words



this quilt is a reminder that the world is one as imperfections and boundary lines disappear beneath the snow

when the inevitable thaw comes would it not be a wondrous thing for the things that separate us to melt away too?


A reluctant welcome to spring

Rhythmical dripping
Is driving me crazy
Winter is slipping away
On the horizon
All limping and lazy
Spring coming in from the fray

Snow’s getting muddy… 151 more words


The Nature of Nature in You!

A friend recently shared this blog post from Rebelle Society on Facebook: http://www.rebellesociety.com/2015/02/25/on-loving-a-daughter-made-of-fire/

It is incredibly expressed and beautifully evocative of the nature of Nature within us. 436 more words