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A Memory - Formless Creation

I was sitting in my rocking chair one day, working, when I had one of the most vivid memories I had had yet. To this day, almost a year and a half later I can recall every detail, texture and emotion of this particular memory. 771 more words


Our very nature is life looking for life. This is the Oneness, the Unity of God.

God has created you! What an honor! What a privilege! 280 more words

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..and after Nirvana?

Once the beautiful mandala, painstakingly created following precise ancient formulae with the utter devotion of the creators, is carefully dispersed to the elements, what happens next?   222 more words

#Haiku - Full Circle

Beneath a glass case

The reward of dragons slayed

More than symbolic


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Words from heart...

Hi, readers ! Before moving on to my write up I’d like to tell this might not be like a poem… But still the flow of words makes it a nice poetry….. 104 more words



I prepare myself today amply with prayers of Thanksgiving and Appreciation. I go into prayer with my Source and I am guided and directed by this Awesome Presence. 302 more words

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Love is Love

‘Love’ is a word we often hear in so many different contexts. The love of a friend, family member, partner, child, and even chocolate.

‘Love’ doesn’t mean liking something – even if you like that something very much – like chocolate. 428 more words