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The Wiccan Rede

A recent blog post I ran across provided a good example of the impoverished ethics found throughout most of paganism. The blogger did not seem to possess a very clear notion of what constitutes a moral problem, and made no mention of altruism, compassion, or other positive morality. 360 more words

Teresa Chupp

The call of stone

I am an insider on the inside. I know all the nooks and crannies of this fortress. There is a moat around it, and watch out if you get stuck there – fearsome creatures will eat you down to your bones. 209 more words


4 keys to heal the world and dissolve the species divide

I changed the world today.

In contemplating the oneness of all of us, I could easily accept my oneness with all … except those who perpetrate hurtful deeds — to me, to other individuals, to other animals. 323 more words

One Face 10,000 Mirrors

Consciousness of oneself, of something seemingly so separate from the crowd, is not an aberration of time, but is the holy gift, that which allows you, to see yourself and become known. 33 more words


a blank page is always a little daunting to me. with it there comes unlimited potential; all possibilities existing simultaneously, waiting excitedly to spring into being through the tips of my fingers. 253 more words


The miracle of creation

I’ve been studying the course in miracles over the last few months and so far it’s been a really enlightening journey, a lot of my recent posts have come from this. 155 more words


Seeing From the Soul

In today’s meditation, we learn to see others and the world with the vision of grace and love. We call this “seeing with the eyes of the soul,” because when your deepest self recognizes its essence in another person, it experiences love.

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Divine Love