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We all are playing
Only one role
The role
Of the One

DidiArtist, 26.03.2014


...Let Flow, Sweet Peace

A poem for peace from my heart, through my Remington, and to you.

I love you.


Human currency

Human currency

Criticism and praise
Are sides
From the same coin

Do we want to pay
With roses or thorns?

DidiArtist, 16.10.2016


Well of the heart

Well of the heart

Mind, self-reflecting sound
Hardly bears the silence
It comes with fear and doubts
Performing violence

In the well of the heart… 77 more words


Ecstatic Love

 What loved has inspired…

One by one cell by cell

Warm, warmer, hot ….wet


Tingling, vibrating

Faster, stronger

I can’t even tell where I end and you begin… 220 more words


The idealist

What is the ideal world to you? What matters the most? Do you prefer to fight for a cause or do you choose to love for a cause? 143 more words