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Thank God for giving YOU this new day!

Start each day….

In an Attitude of Appreciation.

Belief in the Benevolent B… 48 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Simply BeLEAF

If anyone were to describe me to extra-terrestrial visitors they, without hesitation, would state two things about me. The first being that I love and adore my dog more than words can ever properly express. 946 more words



We have New Manna to feast on and it tastes remarkably delicious!

The New Manna is our constant thoughts, words and actions of Oneness.

Yes I Am connected to YOU! 232 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Why it’s Crucial to Heal the Mother Wound

Note from Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman: Funny, I read this whole article as Healing the Mother Womb. Then I realized the word is wound. What is wounded? 3,292 more words



Silence surrounds me
Caressing me soft as silk.
I am rapt in it.

Zen Ox Herding Pictures: Introduction

The ox herding pictures represent the process of awakening as described in Zen Buddhism. Each image is a metaphor that reveals the internal stages of meditation – how awakening looks from the inside. 646 more words



As we concentrate on the theme of Oneness this month, we may require some detoxing of negative emotions. Detox means to rid one self of ____, stuff is the simplest way to say it. 333 more words

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