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May 6th

Do you remember the childhood game of Mother May I? It is where a group of children gets together and form a circle. One person is chosen to be the leader. 305 more words

Daily IN-spiration


Daylight helps so much.  Nothing looks quite as dire during the day.  I woke up not happy, but not completely covered in bugs so that’s a plus.   651 more words

One for the day...


There is no hiding place
from Love, as Love

the placeless place
where all places appear
to disappear.


Losing Your Self

What does it mean to lose your self? People talk about losing themselves in their work, or in music, or in a movie. This refers to a merging of the individual self with an experience that is completely absorbing. 575 more words


Thought for May 5...

“Since God is infinite Perfection and creates in perfection, we are all potentially perfect in Christ, even though that perfection is as yet only a spiritual truth and not a fleshly manifestation.” (“Daily Studies in Divine Science,” 2010)

Daily Thought

My First Poem

My first poem was not about love,

as a youth wandering into the woods

seeking the oneness blending

into the trees, blending

into the mystery, 66 more words