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A week with Fedora 23

After my week with Fedora I am once again drawing to the same conclusion that I have before. It’s a solid OS, especially for all of my geeky tasks like running Vagrant boxes, writing Chef recipes, using Git, and various other tools, then Fedora is a dream come true. 281 more words


OneNote: Local Storage

I was considering moving the Lantean Database into a local storage medium such as the hard drive, of course it would still be backed up through the cloud servers, the interesting feature of storing OneNote notebooks locally is that it will automatically identify the folders that are located in the same directory and create individual sections for the projects to occupy. 85 more words

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Operation Get Outta Ma' Garden!

As one of my many experiments I have decided to break out of my regular iCloud account and use a temporary Apple ID that is fresh and clean. 258 more words


No Future With Evernote

When the semester began, I really wanted to commit to Evernote. I created a notebook for my Creating Digital History class notes, as well as created a separate notebook for my initial digital archive and Omeka exhibition topic: The Hans Hofmann School. 611 more words

Cloud Storage

I was taking a look at the different cloud storage options out there and reminded myself about OneDrive and the Office365 deal that I saw a while back. 109 more words


Why I Ultimately Dumped my Surface Pro 3

There comes a time when enough, is just enough…

Its hard to know where to start with this one.  I’ve been a Windows guy for so long – nearly 20 years – that in the end… I feel like I abandoned my post, or something.  However, there comes a time when you know you’ve fought the good fight and that you just can’t fight any more. 172 more words

Chris Spera

Updating the Lantean Database

It’s finally time to update the Lantean Database and give it a new spin. Cleaner structure with improved organisation.

Projects And Updates