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Le mission du fromageee

Back from the Ardennes! Had so much fun, but too tired to make a whole post right now. Trying to do so tomorrow <3

Bucket List

My boyfriend bought me a Kigurumi and here's why it changed my life for the better

A Kigurumi is essentially a onesie. For grown-ups.

They’re oversized, cozy onesies that look a lot like cuddly animals or recognizable characters from brands such as Disney. 983 more words

Bins and bins of baby clothes

The basement.

Like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, it is a sea of forgotten memories. Some that elicit the light of joy, while others are best left forgotten, begging the question of why we hung onto them in the first place. 305 more words


Little brothers rock

Do you remember this shirt?

How about now?? :)

That baby seemed a long time coming and so abstract then. He became more real when we knew the gender, but still so vague..,so undefined. 31 more words