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Dresses galore for 3 day event- July 1-3

So I decided to make dresses for a 3 day even beginning of July- the old name was Dictrict Convention. Now it’s called Reginal Convention. Is for Jehovah’s Witnesses. 113 more words


Animal Onesie Event

The animal onesie event is coming to Sims Freeplay. To be able to do this event you need to have completed the puppy odyssey discovery quest. 64 more words


Baby Shower Game: Onesies !

Here is another baby shower game idea:

What you need:

  • white (or any other light color, plain) onesies
  • Paint / Markers (ideally that work on fabric!)
  • 32 more words

Newborn Gifts

So many new babies in the world this month! So many gifting options!!!


Happiest Giraffe in San Francisco

Days after I published an article on grown-up Onesies, my husband was walking down the street on his daily work commute in San Francisco. Walking up Folsom, he saw a giraffe head in sunglasses over the trunk of a parked car (yes, seriously!!). 193 more words



I’m always cold. Always! Last August, while at Burning Man, I discovered Onesies for grown ups. I always knew they existed, but I’d never seen so many adults in them, in one place. 243 more words


How to Pick the Perfect Onesie

Onesies are one of the best things in my life. Easy to wear, they have turned into my daily uniform. Some of the most successful people in the world have their own uniforms; examples include Steve Jobs with his black turtle-neck and jeans, Barack Obama in his navy suit and Vera Wang in her leggings. 1,703 more words