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Marks And Spencer AB Clothing Review 

Trusted British high street brand, Marks and Spencer, have unwittingly launched into the adult baby market. Along with their Easy Dressing school uniform – something my autistic son benefits from no end – they also have larger-than-usual sizes of snap crotch vests as part of their new special needs adaptive range. 260 more words


Brindle & Twig Bodysuit 009 in Art Gallery Jersey

Which I swear to the heavens above can die in a fire!!! I don’t know what it is… the size of the garment seems to have an inverse relationship to the amount of problems I have with it! 460 more words


Catch of the month: September

In Munich the end of summer means the beginning of the Oktoberfest. Last Saturday this biggest “Bierfest” on earth got started and will continue until the first weekend of Oktober. 211 more words


It's a review - Baby Republic Clothing

We recently had a very, very ill baby girl who has thankfully recovered very well from gastro. It was a nightmare. During the vomiting and diarrhea we went through stacks of diapers and clothing. 151 more words


Trend Alert: The Jumpsuit

Ever have those days when you can’t be bothered to get out of bed and dressed up? Or wish that you could stay in your pajamas all day? 230 more words

What is a Milleninal?

As someone approaching 32 years of living I have always vehemently held that I do not fall into the ‘Millennial’ generation bracket, I mean have you seen them? 144 more words