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Donut you love Donuts?

Happy Tuesday! I love donuts and I love anything and everything that has donuts on it.  I picked out my favorite donut items for the summer and I want everything (especially the towel).   71 more words

Wednesday Happenings

Wednesday morning we went on another walk. I feel like I’m going to have a farmer’s tan..haha. Some guy yelled out to me, “that’s a nice dog!”. 319 more words

Onesie Life

My major sewing project so far this year, outside the occasional hemming or fixing of current clothing items, is the onesie. Fashion magazines and clothing stores are probably more apt to call them “jumpsuits” or “rompers” but lets be real. 339 more words


Petit Bateau 

My daughter wore quite a lot of Petit Bateau as a baby. This was mostly due to my mother going slightly nuts in the shop and buying everything. 206 more words


Weekly Wrap

Get your celebration hats on deadites, it’s Friday and we survived the week! Woohoo!! Like all weeks at LDC Fashion, this one was a biggie and saw a whole host of awesome releases, cool Den articles (not to toot my own horn or anything) and the debut of the new VIP Pre-Order system. 306 more words

B is for Blueberry

At just 7 weeks my boyfriend and I decided WTF — let’s do this thing! It had been the longest and most draining week either of us had been through (thus far). 368 more words


Dandelion Baby

My love for penguins, go a long way back…. When my sister was a toddler, we received one of the most happiest gifts from Dads travels,( images are below the post:P )  the penguin slide game we called it ! 188 more words