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The end of the university semester is finally upon me, and I now have a lot more time for things that I’d prefer to be doing. 470 more words


Learning to Love the Landscape

It’s mid-April of 2015 and I’ve noticed a trend in my photography that separates it from all previous years- a greater emphasis on travel and epic landscapes.   231 more words


Vijay Shanthi Builders - A Leading Property Developers

Vijay Shanthi Builders now known as VSB. Vijay Shanthi Builders is a nationwide real estate property developer focused on life style premium apartments and luxury villas development.   117 more words

Ongoing Projects

New music video - "Survival Mode" by Artificial Human

Every video I make is a challenge in both concept and technical execution, but this one was particularly tricky; I had a song from 2013 I really wanted to make a music video for, but the footage I had of the singer Lacheln was from a few months before we even did this song.   180 more words



I’ve finally bought some buttons for my two cardigans!

The white ones to the left are for my turquoise cardigan and the yellow are for the yellow cardigan (duh…). 122 more words


Coming to the End of the Carving. Thank God!

So I have come to the end, Only a few plates remain.
I’m not sure how i feel about this project, I think that what i have printed so far looks great, 231 more words

Ongoing Projects

Shots from the Seattle Zoo

During my San Francisco trip last week, I had a flight delay in Seattle and decided to take a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo.  One of my first published images was from that particular zoo, and of all the places to spend a couple hours, I typically have the best opportunities for the kind of photography I like at a zoo rather than walking streets or in random nature areas. 105 more words