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12 Years to Get to the Trash Can

I’ve gotten some amazing, useful feedback from the test readers who’ve returned their comments so far. I can’t wait to get the rest and to start rewriting Acephalous Book 1 (which very well could become a longer, single book that’s not part of a series). 725 more words


True Self-Loathing Poem Series [update two]

True Self-Loathing is a series of both poems/self-portraits written/taken by Makoto Ren

The project will be updated continuosly until all poems and portraits are put in place… 24 more words


Project Highlight - Migori District Headquarters

Migori County demographics (Website)
Area: 2,596.5 km2
Population:  917,170 (2009 population census; annual growth rate estimated at 3.8%)Migori County Governor 143 more words

Project Highlight - The Nyamira Police Headquarters

Nyamira County demographics (Website)

Area: 912.5 km2

Population: 2013 is 632, 046 (males 303,252 and females 328,783) with inter census population growth rate being  1.83 percent. 310 more words


Chugging Along

I got my copyright!

The goal is to have Humans In My House, a chapter book for readers ages 7 to 11, for sale by the end of the year. 26 more words


All the publications listed in the opening pages of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Pro-Tip: Testing

Every novel goes through a test-phase. If it doesn’t, well, I think it should.

A test run of your manuscript means that you’ve pried your hands away from the keyboard, clamped down on your desire to continue editing and rearranging, and actually allowed others to read it. 334 more words