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New Instax With Lacheln

Ever since the positive feedback I received for my instax mini work at Photolucida and the Palm Springs Photo Fest workshop in April, I’ve been laser-focused on getting better with that particular style.   44 more words


Ongoing project: Venice Beach Postcards

Since I moved to Venice Beach just under a year ago, I have been exploring and getting to know my new home. There are many obvious landmarks and iconic images associated with such a popular place as this, but one of the best things when traveling is to see a city through the eyes of someone who lives there. 309 more words


Maggie at Bedrock City

My previous post was about the awesomely weird location Bedrock City in northern Arizona, which I shot panoramic images of each interior.  As a people photographer I look at places like Bedrock City and think “I wish I had a model to shoot here,” knowing full well that it isn’t going to happen- too remote, too much of a “family” place to allow for model photography.   52 more words


Becoming Luxbot - New Video Art with Lacheln

This piece was filmed in my crazy person workshop in my backyard with model Lacheln at the end of May this year.  I wanted to do something where the model moves slow but the frames movie fast, giving an uneasy feeling to the footage; also, something with more sweeping/ minimalist lighting, where I could cut on the blackness when the lights go out. 90 more words

Ongoing Projects

Lizzie + Tax

This was an accidental printing on tax instructions of model Lizzie Gunst, but it got pretty good feedback after making the rounds on my social media, so now it’s part of the portfolio.   51 more words


The 12 Stages of a Photoshoot

The levels of a major shoot:

  1. I’m going to make this super special and indulge myself
  2. The Haggling
  3. Shit, this will cost a lot
  4. Obstacles that make me want to cancel…
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Kacie Marie

There are a few models that I have had on my wishlist for literally years, and one of those is NYC singer/ actress/ model Kacie Marie… 97 more words

Ongoing Projects