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There I stand, or at least I think I do. I no longer know after all I gave to you. My soul, my person, who am I now? 244 more words

Mental Derangement (a Place To Put You)

Are Bad People Really Bad? – a Stained Glass

Being a photographer, my profession gives me enough realizations about the ideas that revolves the story of man – as a living, as a resident of the earth. 855 more words

Ongoing Writing

32. Determination Towards Success

Determination is one component of struggle towards success. Being lack of self-determination is a person’s great mistake, if he fails to achieve the things that he craved for. 238 more words

Ongoing Writing

28. Broken Hearted: What Will You Do When Relationships Come To Worst?

                In relationship, even how strong it is, there will be time that it will come to worst. Say for example a relationship of a married couple, sometimes your partner lose hi/her hope to get back the sweetness you have had before but he/she doesn’t have feelings anymore and seems like hi/her feelings is totally gone, this situation is quite undertaking. 482 more words

Ongoing Writing

25. How to Set Your Priorities? - " A glass of Fruit Salad"

  On my previous article, “Learning to Choose Priorities”, I discussed the factors that influence on setting your priorities in life. Now, I will explain to you how to set your priorities. 501 more words

Ongoing Writing

24. Learning to Choose Priorities

              When you are thirsty, which do you prefer to take, a glass of soda or a glass of water?

         If you chose a glass of soda, think of its advantages and its disadvantages. 383 more words

Ongoing Writing

23. "Glass of Soft drinks" - How To Avoid Temptation

Why a Glass of soft drink?

                    Soft drink is colored and it’s very nice to see when it is on a clear glass. Sweet. Delicious. Satisfying.  226 more words

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