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McDonald’s cringe-inducing “Signs” ad receives richly deserved parody

By Joe Blevins

Source: Onion AV Club

In a development that should surprise no one with reliable Internet access and at least intermittent contact with the real world, McDonald’s suddenly-ubiquitous… 223 more words


"Cleanflix" (2009) dir. Andrew James and Joshua Ligari

“Cleanflix” is a riveting documentary about a number of companies during the early part of the 2000s who sold and rented edited versions of PG-13 and R rated films to people who wanted to see popular films, but didn’t want to be exposed to violence, sexuality, nudity, or profanity. 715 more words


In which the internet collapses in upon itself like a pop culture referent denoting itself

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — In the future, when the aliens come because they are future aliens who have their reasons for that sort of thing, they will sift through the rubble of our civilizations only to uncover 1.2 billion dog-eared copies of… 697 more words


Jonathan Franzen

AVC: What do you think of e-readers? How do you think they will affect literature in the long term?

JF: I don’t personally like the e-readers they’ve come up with so far. 289 more words

For Real

Aggregate Supply

– Sometimes I hope that movies will suck just so I can read Andrew O’Hehir’s review mocking them and critiquing the society that produces them, as… 113 more words

Aggregate Supply