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Terrorist Propaganda and the Open Internet

Is it really all about the message, or the role of the messenger? I was always told to not believe everything I read in the newspaper or saw or heard on TV and radio (I am not sure why – and of course this was all before the dawn of the Internet). 296 more words


Read all about it! The Observer

“It is a fact, however disgraceful to human nature, that an old harpy living in a  court near Exeter Change has not less than five little girls in her hovel who she dresses out with all the frippery of meretriciousness and upon whose prostitution she supports an uncertain and even wretched existence – yet such is the force of habit she prefers wickedness and misery to honest labour and competency”

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Let's All Meditate - There's an App for That!

Maybe I just didn’t try hard enough, but when I did try to meditate during my Peace Corps training days (headed to India, of course) I feel asleep. 223 more words


All the News, All Fake, All the Time!

Who really wants to read a factual news story any more? I guess we have come to a time when Americans would rather read fiction over fact, but we are talking about news reporters, not novelists. 190 more words


Twitter King of Insults is Now President of the United States

Ain’t democracy great? You too can become President of the United States. Just get yourself a Twitter account and start hurling insults at whomever you like, and if you are running for President, just direct most of them at your opponents and see what happens. 290 more words


How is Your Growth-Mind-Set?

Please don’t mistake this blog for an endorsement. This online intervention just seemed to strike a chord about how web-based technology tools could be valuable resources to a wider variety of students who do not have access to individual tutoring opportunities. 253 more words


In the Eye of the Beholder - Shopping for the News

Just as the Internet has changed most Americans shopping habits, i.e., stay at home and shop online, it now seems that you can now shop for your news and take your pick of what you like. 212 more words