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Summer Rerun: Tech and Trump Collide! (Originally posted on January 30, 2017)

Figuratively speaking that is. But this is all about how technology has expanded as an industry that has a global reach. Not only in terms of the powers of the Internet, but its effect on humanity around the world. 239 more words


Summer Rerun: Trump is the Darling of the Heartland – Changing the Media Landscape (Originallly posted on December 19, 2016)

Trump knew where his message would have the most appeal, Heartland, U.S.A. And please don’t try to sell subscriptions to the “New York Times” or “Washington Post” of you are traveling there. 293 more words


Wednz Scene: Art Opportunities

July 19 / 17

More opportunities, this time for the painters, illustrators, etc, etc. Found several of these opportunities courtesy of Art Show.

credit source: art show… 860 more words


Summer Reruns - What Ethics?: Tech-Free Friday – Some Advice for the Donald (Originally Posted on December 9, 2016)

As a public service for the President-elect, and maybe for the rest of us as well, I would like to offer the following for our collective consideration. 361 more words


Summer Reruns - Trump's the One:  "Twitter King of Insults is Now President of the United States" (Originally Posted on November 11, 2016)

Ain’t democracy great? You too can become President of the United States. Just get yourself a Twitter account and start hurling insults at whomever you like and, if you are running for President, just direct most of them at your opponents and see what happens. 352 more words


Trump Bump or Trump Bust?

I’m just not sure who to believe any more? One day the papers report (yes, I still read old time print news) that that the U.S. 268 more words


Amazing Massive Amazon

What’s not to like about one-stop online shopping? The only thing you might have to worry about is that in the future you will not have any shopping centers, strip malls or corner stores where “everybody knows your name.” Gone will be the “social network” of shopping that involves interacting with real people in real time and space (bricks and mortar). 181 more words