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Setting up your online acquisition funnel

Funnel is a bit advanced for what we are going to be doing today. What we mean is “how do we convert traffic to supporters?” 512 more words




A reminder that Open SUNY COTE will be offering the following professional development opportunity beginning on October 19:


The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to Open Education Resources (OERs) to SUNY faculty, librarians, instructional designers, and any interested academic staff who want to learn about OERs. 113 more words


Sending your first email

Now you have an email client. And I have a print version of what I’d like to send. I can just put it in a PDF and attach it, right? 687 more words


Setting up your outbound emails

Surely, you can test email marketing by going into Outlook or Gmail and hitting send right?

No, you can’t.

There are a few reasons for this: 598 more words


Love Online - Modern Romance Part One

This will be a two-part blog since the subject is so intriguing (at least for an old guy like me), and there are so many ways of interpreting what it all means in terms of “love and marriage.” In all fairness, we are just talking about online dating, but we all know what usually happens when someone finds the “one” however that might happen. 213 more words


Be Careful What You Buy, Facebook and Google are Watching

I guess it had to happen. One of the reasons I like to watch PBS is the absence of commercials on shows I like to watch. 211 more words


Not What's App - Let's Talk

Unitasking is becoming a lost art, and the art of conversation may also be dying with it.  We have become so accustomed to multitasking enabled by omnipresent technology that we may have lost the ability to reflect silently on what is happening to us and around us as we lead our daily lives.   169 more words