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An ode to the mostly filled thermometer

When was the last time you saw an analog, mercury-based thermometer?  Chances are, it was in a fundraising campaign, indicating how close you were to goal.   678 more words


Facebook Videos are Getting Tasty!

Videos are nothing new to Facebook. Users have been posting snippets of their babies, vacations and achievements for years – culminating with the Ice Bucket Challenge… 355 more words

Social Media

Facebook for Everyone Everywhere, We are the World

Remember that old Michael Jackson and company song, “We are the World.” Well, it just might have been the inspiration for Mark Zuckerberg’s latest initiative he likes to call TIP, Telecom Infra Project. 275 more words


Let's Make America Great Again - Really Connect All Schools to the Internet

It’s almost been twenty years since American schools began having access to funding to wire their schools though the federally funded e-Rate program administered by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). 289 more words


While My Guitar Gently Weeps - RIP Prince

2016 has been a crap year for me musically. There have been hardly any bands that I like in Finland recently and the summer circuit is a real mixed bag. 538 more words


Put Me In Coach, I'm All Caught Up On My eMail!

It’s half-time of the big game at the NBA finals and each coach must be delivering a fiery exhortation to his team about how victory will be theirs at the end of the second half. 237 more words


Google is God!

Well, not really, but things got very confusing in Europe when they tried to regulate what Google could do, and not do, with respect to protecting their citizens’ privacy in the European Union. 257 more words