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Robots as Paralegals

Next time you visit a lawyer’s office you may find fewer staff and more computers in various forms doing research in preparing clients’ legal documents or gathering materials for attorneys’ future courtroom appearances. 227 more words


Ryan Petty & the Heartbreakers

Yesterday I woke up still pretty bummed out that one of my favorite artists, Ryan Adams, had cancelled his show minutes before it was to start. 1,292 more words


War on Drugs - Buy a Smartphone

It has now been reported that American teenagers are growing less likely to try or regularly use drugs, including alcohol. So what is the cause of this dramatic change in teenagers’ behavioral (experimental) habits? 223 more words


Choose Your Own News and TV Program Endings

Now it seems that you may never have to live in the “real world.” Or at least when you are watching TV or searching for the latest news online (some people, I guess, still buy daily newspapers, and end their searching there). 200 more words


Shared Science Goes Social!

I never thought science as something that would become part of the twenty-first century phenomenon of social networking. But this has apparently become a new form of academic “outreach” in our connected world. 205 more words


From Social Media to Political Media

I guess Mr. Trump (our “so-called President”) started it all when he learned to tweet and use it as a tool for political propaganda, but it seems that he has also created some unintended consequences. 232 more words


Feeling Blue in the Rust Belt - Try a Video Game!

When Donald Trump proclaimed that he was going to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, people in the Rust Belt heard him loud and clear. Here was their savior who had spent most of his life on the banks of the Hudson River in New York. 280 more words