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Bad RomanceĀ 

So I woke up to discover that I had a new follower. Curiosity got the best of me so I took a look at this person’s blog to get a better idea of who they were. 97 more words

Random Thoughts

Faked Out by Fake News

Oh, those automated algorithms! One day they are riding high as our anointed saviors from being duped by fake news and exposed to gory live streaming, and the next day we are not quite so sure (see my post on May 3). 274 more words


Let Your Fingers Do the Walking - Shop/Search Online

Remember the Yellow Pages? I know I am walking down memory lane a lot lately, but things are changing so quickly. I often like to think about life before tech because it has certainly changed the way we do just about everything. 206 more words


How About a Coffee Break - Skip the Wi-Fi, Skip Trump

Now why would you want to make your coffeee shop wi-fi free? It may seem a bit nostalgic, but some cafe owners would like to bring back the art of the conversation in their shops. 236 more words


"It Ain't Over Till It's Over" - Twitter President Fires FBI Director Comey

Thank you , Yogi Berra. I find these words very comforting in the age of Trump. It’s only been a little over a hundred days of his tenure in the White House, but who’s counting (I am!)? 191 more words


Microsoft and Google Heighten Competition in the Classroom

Microsoft and Google appear to be preparing to do battle in theeducational marketplace. I believe Microsoft has always seen schools and teachers as their primary clientele, and Google has more recently developed more tools that are attracting new users to their services. 190 more words


Tech Tackles Fake News

What’s all this about fake news? (remember Rosenne Rosanadana, TV’s Saturday Night Live). I just read the other day that computer experts are using sophisticated algorithms and online data to spot misinformation. 231 more words