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Inauguration 2017

It’s Inauguration Day

What can I say?

The Twitter King is Now President of the U.S.A.

Ray Myers


Obama Farewell: Education Needed to Keep Up With Automatiom

Thank you, President Obama, for all that you have done for this country. Please keep helping us in ways that only you can do. You have clearly seen the power of technology as an added instructional tool for the twenty-first century, but you are definitely not obsessed with the instant self-gratification of social media/Twitter as a tool to attack political and personal enemies (real or imagined). 206 more words


Johnson's "Great Society" - Trump's "Make America Great Again". What Are We Talking About?

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson said. “The Great Society is a place where every child can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talent. 242 more words


Facebook and the News Media

Facebook is now launching a “Journalism Project.” It will be continuing its efforts to change the way media organizations work with the social network. Or maybe you can also say Facebook is changing the way it is working with the news media. 173 more words


The Woman Who Saved Medicaid - Technology and Health Data

Have you ever heard of Jini Kim? I think her accomplishments in using technology and software to manage (save?) the Medicaid system in this country is no lesss than heroic. 250 more words


JimZ resurrection

For people interested in out of production rockets (particularly in cloning them), JimZ’s Rocket Plans at http://www.spacemodeling.org/jimz/index.htm has been a really valuable resource. Unfortunately in recent years quite a few of the files have gotten lost resulting in broken links. 88 more words

Model Rockets

New Year hope

New Year resolutions seem to be a ritual. As a new year approaches people make promises to themselves of things they would like to change. A lot of times they are lofty goals that are never met. 244 more words