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Abuser of Twitter and of Women Too

So I may be digressing from my usual commentary here about how technology’s advances and empowerment have made the internet a powerful tool for free expression, but Trump has also managed to make it a tool of oppression. 227 more words


A Thousand Dollar iPhone?

I really don’t know anything about this new Apple device, but I do know that I will not be buying one soon, if ever. Please feel free if you happen to have a thousand dollars laying around. 21 more words


Tech Devices Will Not Make Us Smarter About Climate Change

Sorry about the late posting today, but we are in the middle of a residential relocation closer to family and grandchildren. I recommend this type of relocation highly if you are interetested in being closer to wherever those grandchildren may be. 158 more words


Trump is the Biggest Winner in the Midst of All this Hurricane Disaster

Well I guess we should all be thankful that the so-called President’s estate in Florida has been spared any catastrophic damage that we know of to date. 333 more words


Trump Tweets While Houston Floods

I think the title of this short blog is self-explanatory, but let’s talk a little about how some leaders (emperors?) react to natural disasters. Just like ol’ Nero fiddled away while Rome burned back in 64 AD, our so-called President likes to tweet when disasters like the floods in Houston threaten the lives and livelihoods of American citizens. 231 more words


It's Not Who You Know, It's What You Do

Get on the web, and get some friends. Who knows, with the right connections and all of your networking skills, you too can become rich and famous. 191 more words