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Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Thomas Pogge

Two articles which show the sexual harassment received by female students by the famous ethicist Thomas Pogge. One is a long piece in BuzzFeed, which discusses the sexual harassment received by Fernanda Lopez Aguilar. 1,894 more words

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Local Farmer Sets His Sights on a New Crop: Crickets

When you’re hungry, do you reach for potato chips or peanuts? What about a handful of crickets? One daring entrepreneur is bucking the “yuck” factor and opening the first U.S. 22 more words


Sarah Ditum, We Are Quick to Defend Violent Men

Ditum, Sarah. “As the Johnny Depp Domestic Abuse Claims Reveal, We Are Too Quick to Make Excuses for Men We Admire.” New Statesman. N.p., Published 31 May 2016. 421 more words

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How The Shiv Sena Emerged, and Why the Communists Did Nothing

Giri, Saroj. “Bal Thackeray, Or, Why the Communists Did Nothing.” Sanhati. The Sanhati Collective, 22 Nov. 2012. Web. Accessed 25 June 2016. . 1,510 more words

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Are video games actually good for you?

So how many hours have you spent playing games on your console when you should have been studying? We’ve all been guilty of that, we just found one of those old… 1,136 more words


Newspaper - League of Legends - InDesign

Newspaper – League of Legends

This was a fun project because it allowed me to experience what it would be like if I had to write a story in a newspaper. 16 more words

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Infographic - League of Legends - Illustrator

This took me forever to make but it was worth it. I loved how this turned out. Only thing that is sad is that the information is out-of-date now but at least it provides a snapshot of history. Week of March 13, 2016.

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