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Vivek Chibber on Subaltern and Postcolonial Studies

Vivek Chibber. “How Does the Subaltern Speak?” Jacobin. Jacobin, Apr. 2013. Web. 31 Oct. 2015. [link]

In recent decades, postcolonial theory has largely displaced Marxism as the dominant perspective among intellectuals engaged in the project of critically examining the relationship between the Western and non-Western worlds.

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Singles' world

As I will be entering the final leg of the tour of the 20s soon, I seem to be hearing more and more grumbling from the parents at my unmarried status. 336 more words


Online Article - COLOR ME GREEN

Color me green  (Part I of II) April/May 2012 Written for TriangleMommies Blog Copyright ARLADEAN ARNSON

Like the characters Kermit the Frog and Yoda of Star Wars, it really isn’t easy being green. 391 more words


Online Article - “All the Single Ladies”…HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!

“All the Single Ladies”…HAPPY FATHER’s DAY! June 2013 Written for the TriangleMommies Blog Copyright ARLADEAN ARNSON

Normally, we would all just burst into song, until you read the last few words of that title. 292 more words


ONLINE ARTICLE - Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure July 2013 Written for Triangle Mommie Blog Copyright ARLADEAN ARNSON

I have lived in the South most of my life. I have said my fair share of “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir”. 365 more words



Children’s Activities: NAME THAT ‘SHROOM! July 2013 Written for Triangle Mommies Blog Copyright ARLADEAN ARNSON

With all the crazy wet weather we are having here in North Carolina, it has been a boon year for mushrooms. 395 more words


ONLINE ARTICLE- Quick Trip: The Couch

Quick Trip: The Couch  Oct. 31, 2009 Copyright ARLADEAN ARNSON Originally published on Triangle Mommies blog at http://www.trainglemommies.com .


It could be your couch, davenport, or chesterfield, a nice armchair, a comfy beanbag one or a chaise lounge; it really doesn’t matter what you’d prefer to sit in while taking your quick trip. 251 more words