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Four Ways to Witness to Atheists

This article first appeared on the Desiring God website Here

Four Ways to Witness to Atheists

My next-door neighbors are not atheists. They are Muslims, New Age pagans, agnostics, nominal Christians, and one family of evangelical Christians. 1,005 more words

Atheism And Secularism

The Times They Are A'Changing - Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

This weeks Ecclesiastes article on Christian Today 

In general in Western society we are money rich and time poor. That is as true for the church as it is for the rest of society – indeed it may be even truer. 830 more words

Christian Today

Ravi Zacharias Allegations - A Christian Response - Article on Premier Christianity

This article is published on Premier Christianity 

Ravi Zacharias allegations: 3 ways Christians should respond

By: David Robertson | 8th December 2017

Is Ravi Zacharias the latest Christian celebrity to fall? 1,352 more words

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No Child Left Behind: A Comparative Study of Child Refugee Education Policies in Europe

Last spring, Monica Olveira, a senior majoring in International Political Economy, received a grant through Fordham’s Tobin Travel Fellowship to do research abroad. Having worked with the United Nations and UNICEF, as well as having interests in refugees and children, she decided to focus her research on the education of child refugees in European countries. 505 more words


Developing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The Re-Emergence of and Perspectives on the Decades-Old Debate

Developing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The Re-Emergence of and Perspectives on the Decades-Old Debate

By Leigh Barton, Staff Contributor

For decades, a debate has raged over whether to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (“ANWR”) for oil and gas exploration. 1,073 more words

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What Should the Church do About Transgender? A response to a response..

I wrote this article on Transgender for Christian Today.  In reply CT then published this article WWJD – A Trans Christian responds   .   I was horrified and to be honest quite hurt about it – and I don’t often get hurt about personal articles.    2,172 more words

Christian Today


Reinstating CERCLA as the “Polluter Pays” Statute with the Circuit Court’s Mutually Exclusive Approach

Brianna E. Tibett,[1] Administrative Editor, Vermont Journal of Environmental Law… 6,461 more words

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