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Timo Schmitz: "Is it that bad to live in kamadhatu? – A Buddhist perspective focussing on two sides of the coin" (2016) [PDF]

Conservative Buddhist teachers often suggest that one has to leave kamadhatu for rupadhatu and arupadhatu to give up desire and form. They see desires, even the very basic ones, and the own body rather as a hindrance to enlightenment. 49 more words

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Jenny's Miracle Babies

If you are, or know anyone praying for a baby. I would like to share with you our story of hope, never give up with God. 6 more words

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3 things that a luxury condo would need to offer to attract the right buyer by Carl Dy

3 things that a luxury condo would need to offer to attract the right buyer: the luxury of time, the luxury of service, and the luxury of space, comfort, and peace. 9 more words

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The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games: A Global Stage for Environmental Activism and Progress

By Michael Hozik

1. Olympics and the Environment

The 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway were the first Olympic Games to “explicitly” include environmental considerations while preparing for and hosting of the Olympic Games. 4,487 more words

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Timo Schmitz: "The analogical meaning behind Chalabhinna – the ‘Special Knowledge’ in Buddhism" (2016) [PDF]

Chalabhinna, the six super powers in Buddhism, are often seen literally. However, I think their meaning is just allegorical, and one should see the deep-rooted meaning behind them, rather than the literal powers themselves. 14 more words

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Timo Schmitz: "How Chinese politeness is misunderstood in the West" (2016) [PDF]

Chinese people are very polite and show a lot of gratitude and respect. However, many Westerners do not understand their politeness and act toward them in a bad manner in return. 25 more words

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