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If your pillow talk is usually something like, “Where’s all this hair coming from?”, then you’ll want to read my new article about female hair loss. 88 more words

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[PDF] Timo Schmitz: "Who are the Left?" (2015)

When you hear the word “Communism”, you often also hear words like “Stalinism” and “Bolshevism”. Communism is far more than Stalinism, and not every Communist tendency is Stalinist or even in support for Bolshevism. 41 more words

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Girl Of The Day : Dasha

Enjoy this brief glimpse into our time spent with Dasha. More to come soon.



By: inspire_me


The internet is full of interesting things, that’s why people are fund of surfing it. One that caught the attention of so many people around the world is the internet ‘MEME’, which made most of the people feel positive, or negative, or both. 731 more words

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Engr. Roy L. Pamitalan: The Router for Development

By: Mudzramer A. Hayudini and Earvin Paul T. Inding

The MSU-Sulu is now advancing into a new era of technology as it starts to develop its campus wide network. 1,238 more words


Timo Schmitz: "Moral and Virtue" (2015) [PDF]

This is Part 4 of my series “Individualism between Moral and Virtues, Government and Religion”.


Moral and Virtue

You have not read Part 3 yet, then… 7 more words

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