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Invitation: THE ART OF PREMONITIONS class w/ Dr. Gillian Holloway

Invitation from Dr. Gillian Holloway! This online class is from Dr. Gillian Holloway http://lifetreks.com  Blog: http://flashofspirit.com

Gillian says:

Your ability to have premonitions is innate and natural: your intuition is constantly pinging the outlines of future events, and like sonar, you receive echoes from the shape of the future on an ongoing basis, whether you register them or not. 355 more words


PDF Pattern Making

Have you ever tried to draft a pattern? What about altering an existing pattern and found that you’ve done something wrong?  Have you tried to create a PDF pattern or E-Pattern? 451 more words


The Three Types of People

A teacher shows three toys to a student and asks the student to find out the differences. All the three toys are seemed to be identical in their shape, size and material. 434 more words

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Everything around us constantly change .In technology it is even truer. Today new age technology is giving new definition to everything from communication to socialization, from shopping to travelling. 2,500 more words

Eway Classs

Nov 7th, 2015 | One on One: Dating For Introverts

DATE: November 7th, 2015 | 3pm (est)

TOPIC: One on One: Dating For Introverts


It’s hard out there for an introvert. It’s definitely an extrovert world and sometimes it can feel like the very (often misunderstood) nature of introversion makes folks like us ineligible for the traditional dating game. 211 more words

Nov 2015