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Why Churches Must EARN 501(c)(3) Status

Many churches do not qualify for major grant money because they do not have an earned 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. The Internal Revenue Service allows churches to use an “honorary” 501(c)(3) status to accept tax-free tithes and offerings. 51 more words


Reclaiming Your Voice — An Online Generative Writing Class with Vanessa Mártir

What is voice? What are publishers and agents referring to when they say they’re looking for a strong, original voice?

Have you found yourself wondering what your voice is? 415 more words

Writing Fiction from Real Life: An Online Generative Class with Vanessa Mártir

Do you have these stories you want to tell and need help telling them.

Or, say, you have these stories about your life that you want to write but you don’t want to piss anyone off or aren’t ready to admit this really happened to you–label it fiction! 420 more words

Writing the Ghosts that Haunt: a Six Week Online Generative Class with Vanessa Mártir

In her essay collection Create Dangerously, Edwidge Danticat writes: “All artists, writers among them, have several stories–one might call them creation myths–that haunt and obsess them.” Does this resonate with you? 383 more words

Self Development : Short Course at Udemy

Hai! Udah pernah denger Udemy.com? Singkatnya, udemy.com adalah platform untuk kursus online singkat di berbagai bidang. Mulai dari pelajaran berkaitan dengan bidang akademis, desain, sampai… 489 more words


Autumn Art Sonnet

Autumn Art Sonnet.

I recently took my very first online art course at the gentle urging of my blogging friend Jill at Jill’s Art Journal… 328 more words


Coming Soon: Mindful Metamorphoses

I’m hard at work in the studio creating my very first online course! Mindful Metamorphoses will walk you through sketching mythology-inspired artwork with a fountain pen, and then adapting that sketch into a mixed media piece with pencil, gesso, collage… and a couple secret ingredients. 40 more words

Mixed Media